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Anti-smashing shoes structure and performance

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Anti-smashing shoes structure and performance

Release date:2017-11-27 Author: Click:

Anti-smashing shoes

Anti-smashing shoes with anti-smashing performance, which is one of the products of labor insurance products, for some work needs anti-smashing, it must use anti-smashing shoes, put on anti-smashing shoes to avoid work injury, from toe Also got the protection.

Question: Why anti-smashing shoes can play the role of anti-smash it? How is the specific production?

ANSWER: Anti-smashing shoes can play the role of anti-smashing, because the entire structure of the shoe body are designed to prevent the performance of anti-smashing, especially anti-smashing shoes toe is very important, are generally made of steel toe , Can have a very good impact, so as to play the role of anti-smashing.

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