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Foot to protect steel toe qualification requirements is what kind of?

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Foot to protect steel toe qualification requirements is what kind of?

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Toe Protective Shoes

Protecting toe shoes is one of the most popular labor protection products in the field of occupational protection. Its main function is to prevent the safety shoes from being protected when the objects of a certain weight and speed are hit on the foot, and the principle of protecting toe shoes is protected The steel head is implanted in the front toe area of the safety shoe and the steel head serves as a barrier to external risk factors.

Thus, the steel head determines the protective effect of safety shoes, Sukang Labor Insurance related personnel access to relevant regulatory documents to find on the state of the steel toe in the protection of toe shoes in the structure also has the relevant provisions:

1. without undermining the protection of toe shoes, the steel head into the shoe can not move;

2. In addition to all-rubber and all-polymeric safety shoes, safety shoes fitted with an internal protective steel head have a lining or a part of the upper which acts as a lining. In addition, the protective steel head should have a layer of edge covering that extends from the back of the protective toe The edges begin to extend at least 5mm below them and extend at least 10mm in the opposite direction.

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