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Labor protection shoes: the five elements of production

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Labor protection shoes: the five elements of production

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Labor Protective Shoes

1, labor protection shoe last head

       Labor protection Shoe last design can be said that the most important labor protection shoes, labor protection shoes are very good wear depends largely on the last. Whether the size of the last head determines whether the labor protection shoes are comfortable to wear or not. A good pair of shoes should not only be carefully designed, but also try repeatedly on the last shoes.

2, labor protection shoes structure

Say the surface structure, if a designer is not very aware of the physical size of the foot, such as toe, encirclement, Wai Wai, ankle position, standard size, and then have a good idea and thinking is Joker, as without the process Understand that the structure of the design is not very reasonable, it will seriously affect the wearing comfort and service life of labor protection shoes, the use of materials and color matching will also seriously affect the service life of labor protection shoes and market competitiveness.

3, labor protection soles

       After all, there is a certain shoe design experience, people know that the bottom design is the most emphasis on dimensional accuracy. In the basic design of some parts of the error even if it is 0.2mm, after the grading error will give rise to production difficulties, or can not be produced, on the other hand, the final analysis of materials, the most labor-intensive protection of shoes When the parts belong to the outsole, and its material also has a variety of improper use can also seriously affect the life and comfort of labor protection shoes.

4, labor protection shoes production process

       The perfect labor-protection shoe, if not converted into a mass-produced shoe, results in zero, so its production process must take into account the actual conditions of production, to ensure a smooth production without serious technical obstacles and the resulting work Protective shoes are not generally serious design quality problems.

5, labor protection shoes function test

       Labor protection shoes production is to have a certain function as a prerequisite, from design, try to produce, all finished labor protection shoes must have safety features, if the function does not meet, it is a pair of ordinary shoes. Therefore, the functional testing of labor protection shoes is very important, must be produced by the labor protection shoes rigorous testing, testing qualified products can be safely shipped.

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