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Labor protection shoes use period

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Labor protection shoes use period

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Labor protection shoes

The main consideration: safety performance, comfort, quality.According to different uses, the factory in the purchase of safety shoes on the actual situation of choice, cheap 40-80 / double, but the material is almost Leather, the appearance of waxing looks beautiful, but in less than two months, the basic protection of labor-friendly shoes is not the same, it is recommended not to buy too cheap labor protection shoes. 100-200 price range is the mainstream market. A national testing certificate, and some insurers underwriting. Safe and reliable, not for a temporary cheaper staff safety at the cost.

In terms of national standards, in line with the national standard of labor protection shoes qualified products, the state enforces the Three Guarantees policy, the end of the section within three months after the sale Baohuan Baitui, Kai plastic repair.

In actual operation, the use of labor protection shoes mainly depends on the working environment of labor protection shoes, the user's use of the state, the environment is good to use a low strength to wear one to three years can be bad environment such as chemical plants, electroplating workshop, because Extremely corrosive for about three months.

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