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Anti-static shoes to wear to what extent will be eliminated

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Anti-static shoes to wear to what extent will be eliminated

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Anti-static shoes

We all know that in some electronics manufacturing industries, the requirements of the production floor are dust-free and require that employees must wear anti-static shoes. If you do not wear anti-static shoes, staff at work, the human body electrostatic adsorption of small particles will shine as dust, dust will appear on the electronic products short circuit, so there will be product quality problems. Moreover, static electricity generated by drying can affect the human brain. It can cause abnormal conduction of nerve cells membrane current, affect people's central nervous system, make people feel tired, irritable, insomnia, headache and so on. Visible, anti-static shoes on the dress is very important. However, you have considered such a question, that is, when to wear anti-static shoes to the extent necessary to replace it?

Shoes wear, if a long time will because of friction, dirt, cracking and other reasons and had to stop wearing, in favor of the replacement of new shoes. The anti-static safety shoes on the same, but also because of various reasons, need to be replaced out. Under what circumstances, this pair of anti-static shoes are no longer suitable for wearing it? Such as anti-static shoes wear a long, there is cracking and other wear can not wear outside, and we use anti-static shoes before, in order to safety sake, but also its resistance check, record, after using for some time, when the shoe surface significant Pollution, or the sole wear, shoe deformation, or the original sense of static when using a sense of touch, must be anti-static shoes resistance retest, verification, if the anti-static performance is no longer, obvious deformation of shoes, you need to replace the .

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