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Anti-static shoes wear process should avoid sharp objects

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Anti-static shoes wear process should avoid sharp objects

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Anti-static shoes

Anti-static shoes wear process, sharps and leathers should be avoided, once pierced by sharp objects or soles non-slip pattern that is no longer have the insulation properties, which affect the performance of anti-static shoes is very large. Because the role of anti-static shoes is mainly to make the human body insulated from the ground, to prevent the current through the human body and the earth constitute a pathway between the body causing electric shock damage to the risk of electric shock to a minimum, the electric shock is through the contact point through The human body into the ground, it also prevents the test voltage range of voltage step on the human body hazards, so electrical work not only to wear insulated gloves, but also to wear insulated shoes.

Anti-static shoes the main features:

First, the leather surface is imported high-quality waterproof leather thickness of 1.8mm-2.0mm, it has high strength (compressive ability, excellent tear resistance), but also has excellent breathability;

Second, the bottom of the PU material, with excellent oil resistance, but also also has excellent folding, wear resistance, non-slip performance, wearing lightweight, comfortable at the same time weak acid weak base has a good resistance;

Third, the tongue and upper half closed, with good anti-splash performance and dust resistance;

Fourth, shoe buckles nice, have good tensile properties, at the same time to prevent corrosion and rust;

Five, a sponge at the ankle layer, wearing comfortable, and can protect the impact from the side;

Sixth, the new 3D mesh lining shoes, wearing soft and comfortable;

Seven, designed to meet ergonomic (with enhanced design arch).

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