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A pair of labor protection shoes is much better than shouting ten slogans "pay attention to safety"

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A pair of labor protection shoes is much better than shouting ten slogans "pay attention to safety"

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Labor Protective Shoes

"Slippery, please pay attention to safety!" Still a car accident, "high temperature, pay attention to safety!" Still burns more than. Nowadays, the slogan "Safety is More Than Mount Taishan" can be heard everywhere, but safety incidents happen frequently. So "pay attention to safety!" Safe?

To ensure food safety, light-colored flooring with simple lines is used in the food court. This floor is easy to clean the dirt, inhibit the growth of microorganisms in the floor lines, but the floor surface friction is weak, easy to make people slip. Earlier, slogans such as "carefully sliding" were found everywhere in the production floor. In spite of this, employees may turn their backs if they neglect to walk while walking. Encounter such an emergency dinner, staff fell to the ground, food spilled, chaos, find any. Seen in this light, "careful sliding" has become an empty talk and some steps must be taken to solve the "slippery" problem. It did not take long for the company to equip every front-line worker with labor protection shoes and to require employees to wear labor protection shoes in the workshop. Catering workshop, staff wear protective shoes walking on the road to go all the best, no one frequently "slipped", work efficiency is greatly improved.

Why workers wear protective shoes, the accident to reduce it? What is the role of labor protection shoes? Labor protection shoes are safety shoes and protective shoes collectively, also known as labor protection shoes. Generally refers to wear in different work places have to protect the feet and legs from foreseeable injury to the footwear. Labor protection shoes are high-tech and high value-added footwear products, labor protection shoes production process of raw materials, auxiliary materials, chemical materials, machinery and equipment requirements are high, it is a special leather shoes, toe Layer of iron to protect the instep, sole after special treatment, non-slip effect is particularly good. In many ways it can effectively prevent workplace safety accidents.

This shows that a pair of labor protection shoes is more effective than "carefully sliding". Security focuses on the implementation, because failure to implement itself is the biggest security risk. "Safety is more important than Taishan" should be concrete and real, so that everyone can hear, see and feel. Therefore, "pay attention to safety!" Can not be a mere empty slogan or a flashy slogan. Instead, it should be a concise account of a powerful and effective measure, a well-established and effective method of perseverance implement.

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