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Labor protection shoes basic quality standards

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Labor protection shoes basic quality standards

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Labor Protective Shoes

Labor protection shoes, generally refers to wear in different workplaces with the protection of the feet and legs from the foreseeable damage to the footwear, which is the so-called safety shoes, labor protection shoes, or safety labor protection shoes. The reason why labor protection shoes can play a protective role, mainly labor protection shoes manufacturers in the design and production of a special structure and unique production process, making labor protection shoes different from ordinary shoes, the staff played Should have the protective effect, to prevent employees from working when the accident caused serious injury.

First, labor protection shoes, shoes length, width, tightness of the shoe body should be consistent with the foot;

Second, labor protection shoes leather softness to be able to walk naturally comfortable;

Third, the labor protection shoes shoes state to paste feet but can not hit the legs, to be loose but can not easily fall off, to be flexible;

Fourth, labor protection shoes have to cushion the cushion, sweat absorption, massage, health care features structure;

Five, labor protection shoes inside have to breathable, waterproof, warm function, environmental protection materials;

Six, labor protection shoes soles according to the needs of the use of the environment, configure the corresponding function of the sole material.

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