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Foot toe protection and overview of features

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Foot toe protection and overview of features

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Labor Protective Shoes

Protection of toe shoes is one of a series of labor protection products, anti-piercing is a protective function of safety shoes, it is known as the protection of toe shoes. Mainly to prevent the production workshop nails and sharp objects on the foot caused by injury, put on the protection of toe shoes can play a protective role on the foot to protect the toe shoes with anti-piercing function, mainly the sole Insert a piece of steel, no matter what the sharp items are not inserted, it is suitable for a wide range of sharp items. As different areas have different needs, in addition to the anti-piercing function, there are other needs. Protect toe shoes can be divided into: high temperature anti-puncture safety shoes, anti-acid anti-puncture safety shoes, anti-puncture-proof insulation safety shoes, anti-puncture safety shoes and other oil performance, mainly based on your needs choice.

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