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Select anti-smashing shoes should pay attention to the technical eligibility

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Select anti-smashing shoes should pay attention to the technical eligibility

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Anti-Smashing Shoes

Anti-smashing shoes have the function of protecting the toes, is a professional for the industrial workers with the risk of preparation, anti-smashing shoes must have resistance to impact resistance. When users choose anti-smashing shoes, be sure to choose the technology to prevent smashing shoes, its quality is guaranteed.

Anti-smashing shoes technical requirements:

A look, anti-smashing shoes structure: Baotou steel, toe pad, shoe upper, shoe eyes, shoelaces, shoes ear, shoe waist, keep with the skin, lunar bag with the waist, the shoe cushion , Insoles, inner (bore) at the end, fill the core, the front palm and so on.

Second look, anti-smashing shoe outsole thickness: Direct injection pressure, vulcanized, adhesive thick bottom (excluding tooth thick) not less than 4mm. All-rubber and all-polymeric boots shall have a full thickness of not less than 6 mm and a tooth thickness of not less than 3 mm and a height of not less than 2.5 mm for all other materials. The thickness of any part of the outsole without pattern (teeth) Less than 6mm.

Third, the appearance of anti-smashing shoes quality: no help face disability, color varies, and the line heavy needles, jumpers, broken line, needle code uneven, open plastic, over sulfur, sulfur, sulfur injection, Skew obvious defects.

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