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Labor protection shoes gum how to do

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Labor protection shoes gum how to do

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Because the main reason for the resulting plastic also with the selection of raw materials, plastic syrup use of water, manufacturing processes and other factors. In order to prevent labor protection shoes appear a serious problem gumming, to avoid labor protection shoes manufacturers bring huge losses. It is necessary to go through prenatal trial, small batch production, random selection of labor-protective shoes Rachel test, pull standards, after testing, before the final determination of the correct production process, arrange for mass production. In fact, the easiest way to solve the problem of labor protection shoes gum prevention, good prevention work Kazakhstan, do not worry. How to prevent labor protection Shoe gum it? We just follow the method below to do it.

A: pay attention to cleaning methods, not a long time soaking, soaking time shall not exceed 2 hours.

Second: Labor protection shoes after cleaning Never dry quickly, away from the fire, avoid using heating or open flame drying, easy to cause labor protection shoes aging and plastic.

Three: regular labor protection shoes maintenance, cleaning, oil, keep the skin soft and moist.

Four: If you do not wear for a long time, should first labor protection shoe brush clean, placed in a cool place to avoid letting mildew. Shoe is best propped up with filler to avoid deformation.

Five: Do not wear the same pair of long-term labor protection shoes, the best pair of shoes for wear, can effectively reduce the same number of labor protection shoes short-term twists and turns to prevent twists out of the plastic.

Labor protection shoes, as its name implies, is the labor protection of labor protection of the feet, to eliminate or reduce the damage to the feet shoes, are high-tech products. So since it is a high-tech products, different regions and countries on the labor protection shoes material and the required technical content has increased.

The current standard of China's labor protection shoes is GB21148-2007, and the standard of China's labor protection shoes is referenced to the European standards.

GB4014-83 leather labor protection shoes; GB7054-86 rubber surface anti-smashing labor protection boots.

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