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Correct handling of old and new anti-smashing shoes three ways

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Correct handling of old and new anti-smashing shoes three ways

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Anti-Smashing Shoes

(1) newly purchased anti-smashing shoes first oil, anti-smashing shoes through the shoe shine often. The new anti-smashing shoes leather full of pores, before wiping a layer of shoe polish to fill it, you can make it longer to maintain a clean, and later shine easy. Anti-smashing shoes wear or not and the number of times a lot of oil, the old shoe upper has crepe crack, but also need to rub more oil, the general monthly rub four or five times the oil can be to keep the upper Smooth and protect the upper leather, rub the oil, use a soft brush and cloth, add a drop of vinegar in the shoe polish, anti-smashing shoes can make luster durable, it is best coated with shoe polishes at night, the next morning with soft Cloth shoes light rub several times, so that the shoe polish oil and paraffin wax and other ingredients fully absorbed by the leather, played an excellent protective effect, but also make the upper bright and flexible.

(2) Anti-smashing shoes wear a long time after the surface of the white spot treatment. Anti-smashing shoes upper leather has a strong ability to absorb sweat. Therefore, after wearing a long time there will be some white sweat spots appear on the leather surface. This is the salt in the sweat absorbed by the leather and the exudation of substances contained in the leather, called the salting out phenomenon. In particular, the rainy weather, anti-smash shoes after damp to dry, there is often such a white spot precipitation. Ways to deal with white: first wash the white spot with alcohol or leather stains; then brush a layer of shoe polish, and then dripped a few drops of vinegar, with a brush and cloth back and forth to brush, you can remove the whole white as new.

(3) anti-smash shoes mildew treatment. Anti-smashing shoes on the upper, because the rainy weather damp often appear mildew. Methods to deal with mildew: mildew first treated with alcohol clean, and then wipe with a dry, soft cloth, you can get rid of mildew.

Completely flat soles are not the best choice. Related physicians, wearing flat shoes, the weight of people fell completely on the heel, walking may be due to loss of shock absorption and shock to the brain, in addition to prone to pain, plantar fasciitis. 2 cm heel is the ideal height.

Old shoes: best to add vice insoles

"There are many elderly people who think soft soles are comfortable to wear, but if they are too soft, they can walk on the ground just as if walking on the ground without a cushioning of the heel, which can not be sufficiently effective if too hard." Physician introduction, the elderly shoes should be a little bit with, 1.5 cm to two centimeters is appropriate, the sole soft and hard, while the best to increase a pair of insoles, one is anti-sweat, beriberi, the second is to prevent foot wear.

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