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Engaged in metal stamping industry must wear labor protection shoes

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Engaged in metal stamping industry must wear labor protection shoes

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Labor Protective Shoes

For workers engaged in metal stamping, machinery and equipment manufacturing, printing and packaging, electroplating chemicals, steel shipbuilding and other industries, workers must wear protective shoes, at work to avoid the impact of harsh environment caused by foot injuries. There are many common safety products in our life, and the use of such safety shoes as anti-piercing is indispensable in a certain working environment. As staff members use tools, operate machines, transport logistics and other operations, the foot is usually the lowest position in the work position, at any time will come into contact with bulky, hard, angular objects, so that was injured, stabbed or It is wounded. On the other hand, if the foot does not stand firm, the body loses its balance and ruins the normal working posture, it may trigger an accident.

According to the environment of different choice of labor protection shoes, pay attention to the construction site environment is wet, uneven, the ground is exposed nails, wood or other sharp objects; contact with the material is corrosive chemicals , Hot liquids, bulky or difficult to handle goods or rollers, electrical appliances, forklifts or sharp tools when using or touching machinery and equipment, dumping chemicals, handling hot liquids, welding Work or manpower handling, etc., need to be considered one by one. After careful analysis of the entire operation can be directly or indirectly endanger the safety of staff foot issues, we can accordingly select labor protection shoes, acid and alkali safety shoes, high temperature safety shoes, anti-piercing safety shoes, non-slip safety Shoes or anti-static safety shoes, etc., or a combination of these types of functions.

Visible, in the work, due to the special working environment, wearing labor protection shoes is very necessary, it plays a very important role in safety. According to "Piercing Shoes" (GB 12017-1989), piercing shoes are placed on the top of steel soles to prevent the sharp gas and goods through the soles of the bottom of the staff to hurt. Anti-piercing shoes for foot protection, to prevent being stabbed by a variety of sharp hard objects, mainly for mining, machinery, construction, metallurgy, logging, transportation and other industries.

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