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Protect the choice of toe shoes should be hygienic and durable

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Protect the choice of toe shoes should be hygienic and durable

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Toe Protective Shoes

According to the estimation criteria, the most important feature of industrial protection toe shoes is that the toe cap can withstand the impact of 20 kilograms of hard objects falling vertically from 1 meter high and absorbing 200 joules of kinetic energy. Most contemporary protection toe shoes also added other safety features to develop different categories of products. Includes a steel floor design that prevents the sole from being pierced by other sharp objects such as nails. Other relevant features include slip resistance and grip. Other safety features on the sole include a minimum of pre-set antistatic properties, temperature-resistant board thickness, and resistance to specific fuels and chemicals.

At present, Southeast Asia and other countries have emerged as emerging international manufacturing factories and successfully snatched up manufacturing orders in our country. This has cast a heavy shadow on the export of labor insurance shoes in China. China's labor insurance footwear want to be invincible in the international market, the top priority is resource integration, structural optimization, to create a harmonious and healthy industrial chain. To pay more attention to cooperation and development, cooperation and cooperation to create a win-win cooperation in the green labor insurance industry chain. Resolutely abandon the idea of relying on the low-cost and high-profit growth of quantity for development, continue to work hard on quality and innovation and improve the capability of independent research and development. We must change the routes of OEM and imitation in the past and actively conduct researches and designs in foreign markets A product that meets the needs of international consumers. Strive to improve our overall protection of Toe shoes overall core competitiveness.

But even so, we choose to protect the toe shoes, or very comfortable and hygienic, durable. Comfortable and protective toenail shoes, comfortable to wear, can improve the working efficiency of workers, to prevent the emergence of chronic foot or leg diseases. The most important indicators of comfort include the upper material must meet specific waterproof and breathable standards, the material inside should be easy to sweat, take off the shoes easy to smell. Other safety features include a fitted sole design, support for the foot and arch, softness, plantar and heel shock design.

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