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Basic quality standards for labor protection shoes

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Basic quality standards for labor protection shoes

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Labor Protective Shoes

China is the largest producer of shoe industry in the world and the largest consumer of shoe industry. According to the latest estimates from the Bank of Switzerland, the per capita consumption of shoes in Asia will reach 2 pairs by 2012, and the annual per capita consumption of shoes in China will be expected to break through 2.5 pairs. The total consumption of Chinese shoes will exceed 3 billion pairs, increasing by more than 30% on the basis of the current 2 billion 300 million pairs, and the growth space is huge.

First, labor protection shoes length, width, the shoes are available to be consistent with the foot;

Two. The skin softness of the labor protection shoes should be comfortable when walking.

Three, labor protection shoes to state but not to the front foot long, loose but not easy to fall off, to be flexible;

Four. The inner cushion of the labor protection shoes should have the function of slow vibration, the function of absorbing sweat, the function of massage and the structure of health care.

Five, the inside of the labor protection shoes should have breathable function, waterproof function, heat preservation function and environmental protection functional material.

Six. The sole material of the shoe sole is equipped with the corresponding function according to the requirement of the environment.

In the industry clearly appeared polarization, big brand shoe enterprises rely on their own resources, channels, with a large number of investment and the formation of a strong brand support, enjoy brand premium excess profits, and some small and medium-sized enterprises in the survival of the state is not optimistic. Some are good at resource allocation, focus on innovation, and brand management enterprises are becoming more and more strong, the overall strength of the stronger, the weaker the weaker situation.

From the current point of view, 20% of the brands occupy 80% of the market share. A large number of SME brands do not have huge funds and manpower to develop marketing channels. At the critical point of survival, they rely on traditional sales mode.

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