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Structure and performance of smashing shoes

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Structure and performance of smashing shoes

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Anti-Smashing Shoes

Iron and steel plant is the production of the "weight" or iron, aluminum, steel and other contact, contact with the steel is "dangerous", so there is high weight iron, iron semi-finished and finished iron and other heavy objects from falling instep, toe situation or potential danger to the safety of foot, so the employees must wear anti smashing shoes with basic protection function.

At the same time, in the tapping or tapping, furnace workers may be molten metal or slag burn; in ingot workshop, ladle rollover or shedding can cause burns; in the pit side, workers may encounter a stumble on the hot metal; molten metal or sparks from the smelting process may burn workers eyes. Other parts of the body such as the foot, so the steel factory workers also need to be able to withstand high temperatures of anti-static shoes, safety shoes.

Question: why can the anti - Smash shoes play the role of preventing smashing? How do you make it?

Answer: anti smashing shoes can play the role of anti smashing, because the structure of the shoe body are designed for the performance of anti smashing, especially anti smashing toe shoes is very important, are generally used for steel toe as, can have very good impact, so as to play the anti smashing for.

To prevent iron and steel smelting accidents and reduce the degree of injury to personnel, enterprises must improve conditions and strengthen protection simultaneously, and take strict measures to improve working conditions and enhance workers' protection. In order to reduce injuries, workers should also take personal protective measures, wearing personal protective products, such as helmets, protective glasses, protective gloves, protective clothing, anti smash shoes, anti puncture labor protection shoes and high temperature labor safety shoes.

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