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Labor protection shoes of those things

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Labor protection shoes of those things

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Labor Protective Shoes

First, the key points of the labor protection shoes in storage are:

1, the structure of the labor protection shoes can not be modified freely.

2, when the labor protection shoes are stored, it is best to put in a cool, dry, ventilated and good place.

3, labor protection shoes in storage, must be clean and clean in storage.

4, labor protection shoes in the storage process is also required regular maintenance, such as cleaning dust and shoe polish.

Two, specific to daily life and work, the main points of the following static prevention measures:

1, the bedroom as far as possible to put or less home appliances. This can avoid the human body and electrical appliances in the electric field near the electric field and touch the static electricity, watching TV is better than the TV set 2~3 meters.

2, use "third" to eliminate static electricity. In order to avoid electrostatic attack, small metal devices, such as keys and cotton wipes, can be used to touch static doors, door handles, faucets, chair backs and bed bars to eliminate static electricity.

3. Use pure natural fabric. Underwear, bed sheets, quilt cover, as far as possible the use of cotton, linen and silk and other natural textile fabrics, home textiles and clothing as far as possible not to use or wear chemical fiber texture.

4, with wooden comb, conditioner lotion. Use hair comb, shampoo use conditioner lotion, can eliminate static electricity. When the hair is not obedient comb, comb will be sub immersed in water, such as the elimination of static electricity, can be combed.

5. Keep the temperature in the room. This static electricity is not easy to produce. In winter, the humidifier is best used in the room, and the flowers and plants can be put in order to avoid the static electricity. When the humidity of indoor air is less than 30%, it is good for friction to produce static electricity. If the temperature is raised to 45%, the static electricity will be difficult to produce. Therefore, low humidity weather occurs, may wish to sprinkle some water in the home, the local inconvenience wet floors, put one or two pots of water, can also achieve the purpose of increasing indoor air humidity.

6, floor, wall, ceiling and other use of anti space electrostatic materials.

7, eat more vegetables, fruit, yogurt, more drinking water, and supplementation of calcium and vitamin C, to reduce the impact of static electricity.

8, for the elderly, children, ESD sensitive, heart failure patients, neurasthenia and psychotic patients, it is recommended to wear pure cotton underwear and underwear in winter to reduce the adverse effects of static electricity on people.

9, taking a bath and changing clothes frequently can effectively eliminate the static charge accumulated on the surface of the human body.

10, there is conducive to the accumulation of surface electrostatic barefoot release. Therefore, leisure time, do not let go barefoot all

11, ready to get off, with the right hand holding the file, and then use the following iron fingers closed on site, and then open the door, put his left hand with the location of iron in the door, but don't loose his right hand left hand, and then let go, then you get off, then his right hand holding a door will not be shocked.

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