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The classification of anti smashing shoes according to the pattern shape

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The classification of anti smashing shoes according to the pattern shape

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Anti-Smashing Shoes

According to different standards, there are different types of patterns, such as geometric pattern, traditional pattern pattern, animal pattern and flower pattern, etc. The design of the anti smashing shoes is not a random act. It should be designed and used in accordance with certain principles. First of all, patterns should be subordinated to the overall modeling style of anti smashed shoes, that is, to obey the needs of specific consumption objects, including the selection of pattern materials, the selection of patterns and processes, the selection of patterns, and the selection of spatial effects. For example, it is impossible to choose animal patterns to make material. Secondly, the design and application of the pattern should be in accordance with the requirements of the performance, structure and processing technology of the material. Different materials different physical and chemical properties, the effect on the strength caused by punching pattern anti smashing shoe vamp material, such as tensile strength, bending strength, pattern size, position, shape and quantity are four factors affecting the strength of shoe materials, if the punching pattern in the material help hard parts, as some of the factors mentioned above consider improper. Make anti smashing shoe upper material strength is reduced, affect the service life of the shoe antisquashy. In addition, due to the differences in physical and chemical properties of various materials, the same pattern design has different effects on the strength of different materials. The pattern design to meet the requirements of the shoe structure refers to the shape and position of punching can not affect the pattern of anti smashing material parts of the shoe structure strength, such as help help cover Wai junction, help, etc. before the plantar toe.

Anti smashing shoes technology innovation includes material innovation, technology innovation, equipment innovation, environment innovation, system innovation, it is a complete process from generation of new products or new technology ideas to market application, it includes new ideas, research and development, commercial production to spread such a series of activities, the nature of is a science and technology, economic integration process, it involves the use of technology development and technology of the two links.

The manufacturers should establish their own technical development center, improve the ability and level of technological development, and create the mechanism for the effective utilization of technical development results. Technology development and technology utilization should be made up of an organic whole. In the whole, we need not only to consider the possibility of technological development from the angle of technology and technology, but also to take market as the guide and consider the effectiveness of technological development.

The technological requirements in pattern design have two meanings. First, the designed patterns should have better technological workability, as much as possible for machine processing, and are not likely to cause damage to materials in process. Secondly, the selection of material for design should conform to the existing processing capability, including technological capability and technological equipment capability. Furthermore, the design and application of the pattern should be innovative. People will produce visual fatigue on everything. What is often seen will turn a blind eye, and the same pattern will be lost on the shoes, so the common patterns will lose the attraction to people. Therefore, designers should have innovative consciousness and creativity in the design and application of patterns, including the innovation of patterns themselves, the innovation of pattern position, orientation, quantity, color and technology. Finally, the design of the design should be aesthetic. Anti aesthetic pattern from shoes smashing it in the form of beauty, such as symmetry, beauty, rhythm, proportion of echo beauty, color beauty, beauty, beauty and so on popular innovation.

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