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The current situation and development trend of the labor protection shoe market in China

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The current situation and development trend of the labor protection shoe market in China

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Labor Protective Shoes

Since 1990s, with the deepening of reform and the establishment and improvement of the socialist market economic system, the process of building occupational safety and legal system in China has accelerated, and the market of labor protection shoes has also undergone tremendous changes. State owned labor protection footwear enterprises began restructuring and transformation. A large number of private labor insurance supplies enterprises were born, and foreign-funded enterprises began to enter the Chinese market to participate in the competition.

After 40 years of development. The labor protection products industry in China has formed a certain scale of operation. According to incomplete statistics, the national labor protection shoes production enterprises to provide all kinds of thousands, hundreds of thousands of production safety protection products, according to 2009 statistics, the country holds special labor protection shoes production quality of 1189 enterprises. Labor protection shoes are also developing from primary products to various categories, high-quality products with high technical requirements, and some products have begun to enter the international market. With the development of labor protection footwear industry, Shanghai and Zhejiang footwear industry cluster areas have been initially established in the whole country, and Shandong Gaomi, Jiangsu Nantong and Zhejiang Taizhou gloves industry cluster area. The development of these agglomeration areas has also greatly promoted the development and product renewal of China's labor protection shoe market.

Love beauty, all people have. However, it is inappropriate to pay attention to the beauty of the work in spite of the safety of the construction work. Labor protection shoes look as the mall to buy the shoes look good, but it protects the personal safety role can not be overlooked.

One is the labor protection department of the anti arched steel toe heavy blow, crush resistance, even if there is a heavy pressure drop in the shoe, the plate will not be deformed, the front of the feet and toes will not be hurt. Two is the bottom of the labor protection shoes have teeth, good skidproof performance, walking or working on the smooth ground will not wrestle. Three, the sole is thick, and the ability to prevent piercing is strong. Four is the anti-static, acid resistant basic material corrosion function.

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