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Fashion and leisure protect toe shoes into the public view

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Fashion and leisure protect toe shoes into the public view

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Toe Protective Shoes

After 20 years of rapid development, the Chinese shoe industry is experiencing the most severe difficult period. "Internationally, anti-dumping and other trade protection measures are frequent, and the international economic and trade environment is deteriorating. Domestic enterprises are facing RMB appreciation, labor costs rising and raw material prices rising. The superposition of these factors makes Chinese shoe industry out of breath for a moment. Xu Yong, vice president of the China Light Industry Federation, pointed out.

In the face of more and more pressure on urban life, many workers prefer to choose casual wear or outdoor activities at work or at weekends. Under the circumstances of the coming of the leisure time, the potential of outdoor leisure industry needs to be developed. And in outdoor activities, a good head also makes a lot of people add brilliance. Therefore, the design of protective toe shoes tend to fashionable also represent the general trend, in meet the specific function, and can satisfy the people relaxed, comfortable to wear, which requires us to protect toe shoe designer to be closer to the fashion, according to the characteristics of the outdoor activities in the design to meet the people in outdoor activities, to meet the protection needs to toe shoes, never grab brand development opportunities.

Protective toe shoes Ampang fashion leisure, it can be used as a harsh and complicated workplace protection equipment, but also can be used as routine work or travel mountaineering wear, both fashion and more secure, and long service time, so that the design has sufficient protection to the unique toe shoes more popular.

The changing protective toe shoe market is infiltrating into the young labor force. Those younger employees used to know fashionable sports shoes only when they grew up. "When they enter the workforce, are required to wear Baotou boots with steel, will choose more exercise styles with head or head with the ladle ladle travel shoes, rather than the formality of the 6 inch work boots." In fact, the supplier of toe shoes says younger, more popular buyers are promoting the importance of famous brands in the market. Familiar brands, such as Cat, Harley-Davidson and Skechers, are emerging in the work shoes market, and use their brand awareness to help win a large group of young customers who are strongly influenced by their peers or strongly influenced by their lifestyles.

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