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Shandong Mengjite teach you how to properly maintain Anti-smashing shoes

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Shandong Mengjite teach you how to properly maintain Anti-smashing shoes

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Anti-smashing shoes

Shandong Mengjite today to teach you how to properly maintain anti-smashing shoes, we use the shoes after how to maintain it? I know that Shandong Mengjite different from ordinary shoes, its performance and workplace are very different, as the important items to protect the feet. Only the correct use and maintenance of shoes to make life longer, to ensure its performance fully play its protective role, let us feel more peace of mind at work. So let's take a look at the maintenance method below.

A: dark sheepskin anti-smashing shoes maintenance class

Shallow sheepskin anti-smashing shoes class management is relatively simple, with better shoes and milk, shampoo can be.

Two: anti-smashing talcum type shoes maintenance

Wearing should pay attention to waterproof, anti-fouling, it is recommended to use leather clothing or sofa cleaner care.

Three: serpentine leather anti-smashing shoes maintenance

You can use shoe cream or water brightener care, must not use oily brightener, to prevent hardening.

Four: light leather, matte leather anti-smashing shoes maintenance

Wear at 10 degrees Celsius above the best, so that the coating is not easy to break. Surface treatment is best to use white or colorless shoes and milk, especially not oily brightener care, otherwise it will cause the coating off.

Five: patent leather anti-smashing shoes maintenance

Surface dust can be used to clean the damp cloth light rub can also be used leather cleaner or cleaning cream care, but not with brightener or shoe care. Brightener will cause the fake coating off, shoe polish will crumple upper, patent leather is best worn at 10 degrees Celsius above is appropriate.

It is important to note that you can not modify the structure of your shoes at will. It is important that your shoes have been carefully designed and tested to achieve their protective effect. If modifications are made, the structure is likely to lose its protective effect , Making it the same as regular shoes. Choose to choose the right size, not only inappropriate to wear shoes not uncomfortable, but also on the feet have a bad influence. Maintenance of shoes at the same time pay attention to personal hygiene, keep Shandong Mengjite clean, regular cleaning dirt shoes clean, soles should also be cleaned often, to avoid the accumulation of dirt, because the soles of the conductive or anti-static type will be adhered No shopping and flexing the situation and the impact. The best place to store shoes is a cool dry and ventilated conditions.

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