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The construction site is dangerous. Please configure the proper labor protection shoes for the construction workers

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The construction site is dangerous. Please configure the proper labor protection shoes for the construction workers

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Labor protection shoes

Since reform and development, the construction industry continues to develop rapidly, and its position and role in the national economy has been gradually enhanced. The construction industry is an industry with frequent accidents. Compared with other industries, it is more important to emphasize safety production.

For labor protection shoes manufacturers, transformation and upgrading means not only the upgrading of products, but also the improvement of shoes design ability and manufacturing capability. To carry out the upgrading of the industry of the labor insurance shoes industry, the enterprise should take the brand as the core, strengthen the design, make the effort to make the dress comfortable, light and safe.

As a construction enterprise, it has its own inherent characteristics. The construction of wide fields are high altitude operation, mechanical injury, electric shock, chemical explosion and other industries, is one of the most significant dangerous source, thousands of construction employees who died and thousands of people injured rate control index is much higher than the general industry, the workers are facing damage are mainly collapse, against objects, mechanical injury and high fall, electric shock, fire, explosion, poisoning, dust, noise, vibration, vehicle damage etc.. Therefore, according to the "safety production law" and "safety management regulations for construction projects", we must adhere to the guiding ideology of "people-oriented" in safety production, and workers at construction sites need to wear the right labor protection products to ensure their safety. Speaking of the labor protection articles, we can think of is the first safety helmets, safety belts, protective gloves, anti-dust masks, welding mask, and safety shoes, protective shoes, these workers used to protect the foot of supplies, often overlooked, why have such ideas? Because without wearing a helmet, when injured, the head is injured, which is likely to cause serious injury or even death. But not wearing protective shoes, it will be much lighter and less dangerous to life. It is precisely because of this reason that the correct wear of safety shoes is often ignored by workers. According to industry authority statistics, foot and leg protection: 66% leg and foot injured workers do not wear safety shoes, labor protection shoes, 33% wear general casual shoes, and 85% of injured workers are hit by unprotected shoes. To protect legs and feet from falling objects, rolling, sharpness, molten metal, hot surface and wet surface, workers must wear proper safety shoes. The steel head of the toe of the safety protective shoe must have enough function to prevent the heavy and sharp material from the labor protection shoes. The sole has the best anti piercing function at the same time.

At present, China's labor insurance shoes industry relies on low labor costs to win, and the occupation is only the middle and low end market. With the development of China's economy, China has become a big country in the production of labor protection shoes, but it is still far away from the country. With the increase of the price of raw materials and the increase of labor cost, the transformation and upgrading of traditional labor protection shoe manufacturers is imminent.

To achieve safety first, the prevention of the main, the purchase of labor protection shoes, labor insurance shoes, and can not be cheap. Only the quality of the labor protection shoes can play the protective role. The construction enterprise construction safety related to every enterprise management personnel, construction personnel and health undertakings, related to the peace and happiness of thousands of households, only everyone talk about safety, security, everyone knows everyone to safety situation, in order to achieve the construction and safety of the double harvest.

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