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Shandong Mengjite teach you how to choose to protect the toe shoes

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Shandong Mengjite teach you how to choose to protect the toe shoes

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Protect toe shoes

In the production workshop, usually need to protect the toe shoes, in order to ensure that workers in the production and processing of heavy things hit the foot of the hazards, to ensure the safety of workers.

Protect toe shoes according to the protective performance is divided into "protect toe shoes (boots)." In the standard, the main technical performance of toe shoes is the front-end compression resistance, the front-end impact resistance, outsole folding resistance, outsole wear resistance and shoe peel strength. Into the shoe front end pressure performance and into the shoe front impact resistance is to protect the performance of the toe, outsoles folding performance, outsole wear resistance and into the shoes peel strength wear performance. Protecting toe shoes must comply with these technical performance requirements specified in the standard.

Protect toe shoes according to need from the following two aspects to choose from:

1. Protection performance:

Foot protection shoes 5 protective performance level An1 highest level, An5 lowest level. High level of protection toe shoes front end of its resistance to pressure and impact on the high technical indicators, toe protection is good, so the toes more easily be injured or crushed injury, the more serious injury to the more operation to be Choose a high level of protection of toe shoes, but for some toes may be crushed or crushed, the degree of injury is not too serious job, you can choose to use low level protection toe shoes. Appropriate use should be based on the characteristics of the operation.

2. Production process:

Protection of toe shoes production process now generally use more adhesive and injection molding, seams are generally used at the end of the car tires and anti-fur shoes, molded leather shoes are few, sticky seams shoes relatively new, similar to the shape of sports shoes, gradually increased. Injection molding, stick-sewn leather shoes new, lightweight, outsole with wear-resistant polyurethane material, the price is more expensive; traditional adhesive leather shoes, according to their style, timber and other conditions, the price varies; However, depending on their style, timber and other conditions, but also different levels. In addition, the injection molding and adhesive shoes breathable less seam line shoes, breathable, wearing more comfortable, good quality sticky seams shoes are also very comfortable. Production process mainly involves the price, style, materials and comfort, does not involve the protection of toe performance, can be selected according to need.

So how to buy protective toe shoes?

First, according to the need to choose the applicable product

Protection of toe shoes according to the level of protection is divided into five levels of protection An1, An2, An3, An4, An5, An1 highest level, An5 lowest level. The higher the level of protection toe shoes front end of its pressure resistance and impact resistance of the technical indicators on the protection of the toes just like, businesses and individuals according to the operating environment and characteristics of the purchase of suitable products.

Second, check product identification and appearance quality

In the purchase, we should first confirm whether the manufacturer of industrial products with industrial production permit (imported goods do not need). On this basis, check whether the product is marked with the manufacturer's name, address, security identification stickers, production license number, production date, implementation standards, whether accompanied by a certificate and instructions for the protection of toe shoes even more special Note to see if there is a product name on the shoe (or "protect the toe"), the shoe size and the level of protection; for electrically insulated shoes, look for the product name on the shoe (or "Insulation" or "EH" ), Lightning mark, shoe size and withstand voltage values.

Third, safety shoes products

Protection of toe / piercing safety shoes and electric insulation / anti-static safety shoes are special labor protection products, buy safety shoes products have to go through the national labor protection testing department testing and holds the State Bureau of Technical Supervision issued special protective products Production license of the business or dealer order.

Fourth, do not choose the spot

In the purchase and protection of toe shoes, some units or individuals for convenience, often choose the spot. Protection of toe shoes procurement recommendations to manufacturers ordered production, so as not to affect the quality.

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