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Iron and steel industry employees engaged in what kind of anti-smashing shoes

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Iron and steel industry employees engaged in what kind of anti-smashing shoes

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Anti-smashing shoes

For workers engaged in the steel industry, what is needed is a pair of anti-smashing shoes? As the steel industry is engaged in industrial production activities such as ferrous metal mining and ferrous metal smelting and processing and other industrial activities, the vast majority of ironmaking use blast furnace ironmaking, individual direct reduction ironmaking and electric ironmaking In the process of steel smelting, dangerous and dangerous factors are concentrated, and in the event of an accident, serious consequences may be caused, resulting in heavy casualties. The steel plant is mainly engaged in the production of "heavy objects" or the contact work of iron, aluminum and steel, etc., and is in contact with "dangerous" objects such as steel. Therefore, heavy objects such as high-altitude heavy metal plates, semi-finished iron plates, Injury to the instep, toe, or potential danger to the foot safety, so employees must wear a basic protective effect of anti-smashing smashing shoes.

In addition, in the tapping or tapping, the furnace operators may be molten metal or slag burns; in the ingot casting plant, drums rollover or shedding can cause burns; in the soaking furnace, the workers may be knocked about trip Hit the hot metal; smelting process splashed molten metal or Mars may burn the operator's eyes, feet and other parts of the body, so the steel plant workers also need to be able to high temperature anti-smashing smashed shoes, anti-puncture Anti-smashing shoes.

When we buy anti-smashing shoes, in order to know which kind of product is better, we need to compare it out. General anti-smashing shoes product comparison, there are two ways, one for the anatomical comparison of the finished shoe cross-section, the appearance of technology comparison, the anti-smashing shoes cut open, cut can be clearly observed to help the surface cross-section, accessories cross-section , The sole section, the steel head, the steel floor and the internal structure of the shoe and the internal process, it is worth mentioning here, the density of single-density shoe soles are the same, by hand more hard; cross-section double density can be observed obvious Of the upper and lower layers of its density is not the same, the upper density is low, the lower density, good flexibility by hand; if the soles for the two-color molding, but the same cross-section density, also belong to the category of single density. The second is to try on, try to compare the comfort of anti-smashing shoes, through the line, squat, kick, heavy tread and other actions feel comfortable shoes.

To prevent steel smelting accidents and reduce the extent of injuries caused by accidents, enterprises must improve conditions and strengthen protection simultaneously. Tight measures should be taken to improve working conditions and workers' protection. In order to reduce the harm, workers should also be taken individual protective measures, wearing personal protective equipment, such as protective caps, protective glasses, protective gloves, protective clothing, anti-smashing shoes, anti-puncture and anti-smashing shoes, high temperature anti-smashing shoes.

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