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Which kind of workplace need to use insulating anti-smashing shoes

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Which kind of workplace need to use insulating anti-smashing shoes

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Anti-smashing shoes

The use of insulating anti-smashing shoes on the occasion, the most important is engaged in the power grid industry staff, and power grid companies in the purchase of insulating anti-smashing shoes also has the appropriate management practices, such as the applicable anti-smashing shoes Classification, style, technical performance requirements, the use of regulations and scrap standards have certain provisions. Anti-smashing shoes used in power grid companies are mainly divided into three types: low-state anti-smashing shoes, insulating anti-smashing shoes (low-state insulative shoes and insular shoes) and insulating boots.

 At the time of selection, check whether the manufacturer has the name of the manufacturer, the production license number, the product name and trademark, the model number, the execution standard number and the year number, the production date, whether the product certificate and the instruction manual are attached. In addition, require sellers to produce test reports, as well as the product manufacturer's production license, and check the expiration date. In addition, we must carefully understand the manufacturer of anti-smashing shoes detailed instructions, fully confirmed and then select the appropriate anti-smashing shoes. On the clear protection requirements of the use of anti-smashing shoes, should be in accordance with the requirements of the poor evaluation manual to choose and use, so as to avoid accidents. In particular, the choice of anti-smashing shoes, technically, anti-static anti-smashing shoes, insulated anti-smashing shoes and conductive anti-smashing shoes technical indicators are not compatible with each other, so the user should be clear in the choice of protection Security risks, so by the appropriate selection of the corresponding anti-smashing shoes.

So, the use of insulating anti-smashing shoes, how kind of anti-smashing shoes products is qualified, the grid company selected it? Qualified insulating anti-smashing shoes standards, must have a national recognition of the national industrial production permit, each pair of work shoes have a product certification; by the state inspection agency performance test qualified and have relevant valid test certificate; with electricity Insulation shoes (boots) of the "National Industrial Products Production License", "Special Labor Protection Supplies Safety Signs Certificate" and product certification; by the state inspection agencies type performance testing and other qualified. Insulating anti-smashing shoes structural form, must meet the "insulated shoes General technical conditions" (GB12011-2000) technical requirements. Insulated boots, insulated shoes sole with low heel. Ascended insulation shoes sole with a soft bottom; climbing insulation shoes soles injection molding machine using high temperature. Insulated shoes sole pull line to prevent degumming. Ascension insulation smashing shoes are high to tie the structure; laces after non-toxic testing, in line with national standards. Ascension insulation upper to prevent sand structure; Toe hard processing, better protection, heel protective layer, the upper wrist function, comfort and protection combined.

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