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Countries on labor protection shoes production standards and uses

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Countries on labor protection shoes production standards and uses

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Labor protection shoes

Labor protection shoes, as the name implies, is to ensure the safety of foot safety, eliminate or reduce the damage to the feet of shoes, are high-tech products. So since it is a high-tech products, different regions and countries on the labor protection shoes material and the required technical content has increased, Saori labor protection shoes Xiaobian today collected a concentration of countries on the production safety standards, Come and Xiaobian look at it


The current standard of China's labor protection shoes is GB21148-2007, and the standard of China's labor protection shoes is referenced to the European standards.

GB4014-83 leather labor protection shoes; GB7054-86 plastic anti-smashing safety boots.


European Standard EN345 "Special Safety, Protective and Work Shoes" This European Standard was developed by CEN / TC 61 "Technical Committee of Foot and Leg Protection Products" and its secretariat is BSI. The standard labor protection shoes section design, the whole shoe, help surface, shoes, tongue, insole, outsole and other structural and performance specifications. The test methods specified in the standards are similar to other similar standards, and the principle of the method is generally applicable to most labor protection shoes.

United States

(ANSI-Z41-1991) Depending on the shoe's resistance to compression and impact, there are 3 types of labor protection shoes with protective toe caps.

With the continuous improvement of China's shoe-making technology and the ever-changing global shoe materials, labor-protection footwear varieties gradually diversified and upscale. Domestic labor protection shoes design and technical requirements began to gradually integrate with foreign countries, the use of computerized management, sub-insulation, anti-static, acid and alkali, puncture, protect the toe, the general protective footwear six categories, with good oil , Anti-smashing, anti-static, anti-puncture, acid and alkali resistance and insulation properties, sub-SB / SBP / S1 / S1P / S2 / S3 six security levels, widely used in machinery, metallurgy, Oil fields, electricity and other industries. Each pair of shoes are subject to the company process quality control and factory strict testing, in line with national safety standards (most of the indicators exceed the national standard) and the European labor protection shoes EN345 standards, the product has been more than 500 domestic industrial and mining enterprises, especially European and American joint venture favored , And exported to the EU, the United States, and Australia and other countries in the region.

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