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Shandong Mengjite tells you how to choose the correct labor protection shoes

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Shandong Mengjite tells you how to choose the correct labor protection shoes

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Labor protection shoes

In the choice of labor protection shoes, we should first clear the function of labor protection shoes divided into several?

Labor protection shoes are generally divided into: anti-smashing anti-smashing anti-static, anti-smashing anti-piercing anti-static, anti-smashing insulation, anti-smashing piercing insulation, so in the choice of labor protection shoes according to their own workplace needs, choose suitable It is extremely important that your own labor protection shoes. The following is the choice of labor protection shoes, you can follow the following 5 points:

a. In addition to labor protection shoes according to the operating conditions to choose the appropriate type, but also fit, wear comfortably, it is very important, we must carefully select the appropriate shoe size.

b. Labor protection shoes should be non-slip design, not only to protect the human foot from injury, but also to prevent the operator was caused by slipping accident.

c. labor protection shoes of different performance, to achieve the technical indicators of their respective protective properties, such as not to be injured toes, soles are not stabbed, insulated conductive requirements. But safety shoes are not everything.

d. Before labor protection shoes should be carefully inspected or tested, damaged and cracked protective shoes are dangerous in electrical and acid-base operations.

e. Labor protection Shoes should be properly stored after use, after the rubber shoes with water or disinfectant rinse and dry to prolong the service life.

Labor protection shoes soles generally use a polyurethane material injection molding, with acid, water, oil, insulation, abrasion, light and so on. 3 times more wear than ordinary rubber. Softness, light weight, the weight of only 50% -60% of rubber. Different safety shoes are also different scope of application, different functions:

Protection of toe labor protection shoes: Baotou safety performance for the AN1 level, suitable for handling, mining, petroleum, quarrying, metallurgy, ports, machinery, construction, forestry, chemical industry.

Anti-piercing labor protection shoes: anti-puncture strength of 1, for mining, fire protection, construction, forestry, cold work, machinery and other industries. · Electrical insulation labor protection shoes: suitable for electrician, electronic operator, cable installer, transformer substation and so on. Matters needing attention: Suitable for working voltage below 1KV working environment, working environment should be able to keep the upper dry. Avoid contact with sharp objects, high temperature and corrosive substances, to help end with corrosion damage.

Anti-static labor protection shoes: to eliminate the accumulation of static electricity for flammable workplace, such as gas station operators, liquefied gas filling workers. Note: Do not use insulated shoes; wear anti-static shoes should not wear insulated thick wool stockings or use insulating insoles; anti-static shoes should also be used with anti-static clothing; anti-static shoes generally not more than 200 hours should be carried out Shoes resistance test once, if the resistance is not within the specified range, it can not be used as anti-static shoes.

Acid and alkali labor protection shoes: for electroplating, pickling, electrolysis, with liquid workers, chemical operators and so on. Note: Acid-resistant leather shoes can only be applied to the general concentration of acid-base workplaces lower; should avoid contact with high temperature, sharps injury vamp or shoe soles leakage; After the application of water rinse shoe acid-base liquid, and then Dry to avoid direct sunlight or drying.

Before choosing, we must first understand the main hazards that lead to the direct or indirect injury of the staff's feet. There are 6 items as follows:

a. Touched by hard, rolling or falling objects.

b. pierced by sharp objects soles or shoes.

c. Being cut by sharp objects and even tearing the skin.

d. site lubrication, fall.

e. Contact with chemicals, molten metal, hot and cold surfaces.

f. In an atmosphere filled with flammable gases, if static electricity is released

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