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Professional masters buy protection toe shoes Raiders, worth a visit!

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Professional masters buy protection toe shoes Raiders, worth a visit!

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Toe shoe

1. Protect the quality of toe shoes, including upper and shoes in two parts, should identify the authenticity of leather.

Natural leather is the real leather, is a pore, the general eye is difficult to see, the thumb can press the leather surface to see if there are fine lines in the thumb next to the lines. A fine lines, let go fine lines disappear, leather shoes full of good elasticity for better natural leather, a larger deep wrinkles of the skin is less natural skin. If no fine lines, then most are not natural skin, including the second layer of leather covered in leather

Another notable feature of natural leather is flaws on the leather. General natural leather uppers, in the protection of toe shoes inside and other inconspicuous places, a slight slight flaws.

Leather shoes shoes, is to prevent deformation and improve the foot touch feel reinforcement materials used. Requires protection of toe shoes material with a delicate touch, breathable, excellent moisture absorption and drainage, can not afford color and other properties.

2. To see the protection of toe upper suture and to help the end of adhesive joints, identify the quality of processing.

See if there are broken lines, upper suture is neat norms. In particular, the adhesive binding of the bottom of the shoes should be glued flat without ridge, no gap and open glue signs.

3. Touch and protect the inner cavity of the toe shoes to see if there is any unevenness on the inside and the inner bottom of the toe shoes.

Wherever contact with the foot can not be uneven, otherwise the foot will blister. Toe toe shoes must be protected insoles, it is to keep the shoes clean, covering the uneven bottom of the nail, to improve the feel of the foot and set up.

4. Pinch the upper heel by hand to see if stiff and flexible.

Requirements followed by stiff parts can not have traces of ditch under the ankle good elasticity, can not be perfect, or damage the ankle.

5. Press the waist when the insole, see if it is hard.

The shoe's insole is the torso and skeleton of the shoe, hard pressed when the insole, to motionless as well. Skeleton and torso is not stiff, shoes inevitable deformation aliasing, damage to foot.

6. Free shoes flat on the desktop or glass to see if the shoes are stable.

When the shoes are placed on the desktop, should immediately stop shaking around.

7. Use your fingertips to insert the fore tips below the sole to see if the height of the front rocker is appropriate.

When the tip of the toe is just enough for the thickness of the middle finger, this means that the front toe of the toe is right. When the front toe of the toe is too large, the stability is reduced; when the front stilts is too small, the toes of the toe shoe are worn fast, the shoes are easy to deform and the legs are tired easily.

8. Hold the shoes by hand to see if the soles and heels contact is smooth.

Lightly align the sole and heel with the side of the table (or counter) with the side of the shoe facing up and the sole contact area. To shoe clap (soles widest point) and the entire heel plane with the side of the table as well. Otherwise protect the toe shoes easy to deform and heel.

Flat shoes on the desktop, from both front and back to see whether correct.

First from the toe back, look at the outer edge of the soles from the desktop tilt the size of the desktop, the difference should be small, in order to maintain the same balance as well. Then from the heel of the shoe forward, check whether the vertical heel of the shoe, not to the inside or outside the tilt as well.

10. With your index finger erected in the shallow help to help the outside of the shoes to see the upper part of the outer malleolus height.

Index finger fingertips down contact with the insole, so that the index finger close to the upper outer malleolus to see the index finger of the second knuckle line, whether the upper ankle height consistent. General life shoes, social etiquette shoes, fashion shoes, slightly below the index finger second knuckle line as well; low-waist sneakers and casual shoes after the upper mouth are soft-mouth structure, the outer malleolus can be slightly higher The index finger second knuckle line.

Look down at the vamp from up to down to see the symmetry of the upper and whether the profile of the shoe is distorted.

To the straight line between the tip and the midpoint of the heel as the axis of symmetry to see if the upper part of the symmetry of both internal and external symmetry does not move forward and backward as well. Shoe contour should be toward the shoe, smooth round as good; twisted into a lotus-shaped low-quality shoes.

12. To understand the performance of shoes outsole, select the suitable outsole.

There are a variety of shoes outsole, according to the main raw materials can be divided into rubber sole, imitation leather at the end of the plastic bottom and so on, their performance is: rubber soles with soft, good elasticity, non-slip, wear resistance, Good and so on. Just a heavier texture. Leather imitation soles, lightweight, stiff, wear-resistant, anti-twists and turns. But less flexible, not slippery. Plastic soles, wear-resistant, good elasticity. But the texture is hard, poor heat and cold resistance.

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