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Work under low temperature environment, what labor protection shoes to use and its definition.

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Work under low temperature environment, what labor protection shoes to use and its definition.

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Labor protection shoes

Working at low temperatures, the main role of labor protection shoes is to protect the feet from frostbite, to ensure the safety and comfort of the user's feet. Therefore, work in low temperature environment, to use cold protective shoes.

If the working environment temperature is below minus 45.6 ℃, use the leather boot surface warm in the cylinder Parker safety boots, or leather boot surface warm Parker safety boots;

If the operating ambient temperature is below minus 59 ° C, leather boots double warm in the middle of Parker safety boots.

Labor protection shoes belong to labor protection products, which are professional equipment used to protect workers and can reduce the harm caused by work. This has been to the operator has played a significant role, put on labor protection shoes to avoid hard crushing injuries, metal objects such as foot injury foot injury.

The role of labor protection shoes are mainly reflected in: anti-piercing performance, anti-static performance, thermal insulation properties, heel performance, non-slip performance, acid and alkali functions.

Why is labor protection shoes? Because it has the role of foot protection, mainly for some special environments, with anti-puncture, insulation, foot protection features.

The structure of labor protection shoes is very simple, the overall by the sole, upper, upper, lining composition. As the anti-smashing labor protection shoes, the head must have a steel head, in order to avoid the foot of the foot to produce foot grinding phenomenon, usually there will be steel head sheath isolation. Puncture-proof, labor-protective footwear rests on the foot by placing a steel plate that protects the foot.

With the above performance labor protection shoes is the most common kind of several, professional for different areas of labor protection shoes, with a variety of features safety features recommend you to Guangzhou Saou Shoes Co., Ltd. is a well-known with many years of history Labor protection shoes manufacturer, professional devoted to high-quality labor protection shoes, labor protection shoes, safety shoes, anti-smashing safety shoes, insulation safety shoes, anti-static safety shoes, anti-puncture safety shoes and other products R & D design, production and Sales.

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