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Top ten toe protection insoles and integral sole Introduction and operation of the top ten matters needing attention

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Top ten toe protection insoles and integral sole Introduction and operation of the top ten matters needing attention

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Toe shoe

First, protect the toe shoes insole. Protect the toe shoe insole can be considered as a package in the end of a form, and the bag in the end is different, to protect the toe shoe insole structure is wrapped in shoes at the end of the bottom, rather than the appearance of the look So the overall rubber outsole, in fact, the inside of the rubber outsole is wrapped in shoes in the end, this midsole is also called MD in the end, belonging to a foamed EVA.

Second, the protection of toe shoes, monolithic soles. The most common is the soles of a single EVA foam molding soles, soles at the end of the cost, and non-slip and poor, the soles of the water after the dip is like wearing a roller skates.

Third, the protection of toe shoes PU overall soles. PU soles are low-temperature forming soles. PU at the end of the characteristics of light, but not wet, encounter chemical reaction occurs after the water, and the erosion of layer by layer.

Fourth, protect the toe shoes pure rubber sole. Pure rubber soles and more used for outdoor hiking shoes, or work shoes, electrical shoes. The entire soles of the whole rubber composition, the advantage of wear-resistant non-slip, the disadvantage is that the weight is too large. Safety shoes Footwear produced by the work shoes are generally used in this soles, also called insulated soles.

Wear protective toe shoes, insulated labor shoes, safety shoes homework must pay attention to ten major issues

(1) Insulated safety shoes should be worn if there is a risk of electric shock.

(2) Insulated safety shoes can not guarantee 100% protection against electric shock, and additional tests to avoid this danger are necessary. Such tests should be part of a routine hazard assessment process.

(3) Insulation in the use of life insurance shoes electrical insulation performance should be at any time.

(4) The protective function during use may be inspected, inspected, inspected and damaged periodically by scoring, cutting, abrasion or chemical contamination. The damaged insulated shoes can no longer be used with electrically insulating protective shoes.

(5) It is forbidden to wear on places contaminated with insulative labor-saving sole materials, such as chemicals, etc., and the electrical insulation properties of insulated labor-protection shoes will be affected when entering such dangerous areas.

(6) When wearing, it is recommended that the user establish a suitable method of checking and testing the electrical insulation performance of insulated footwear.

(7) When wearing this product, its working environment should keep the upper dry.

(8) Preventive inspection of electrically insulated labor-resistant footwear shall withstand voltage and leakage current values in accordance with the standards and shall not exceed 6 months for each preventive test.

(9) The product should be kept away from sharp objects, high temperature, acids, alkalis or other corrosive articles. During storage, it should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse to prevent mildew, stacking away from the ground and walls above 0.2M.

(10) Shelf life of 24 months, more than 24 months after the product by only by the preventive electrical performance test, the test can only be used in electrical insulation safety shoes.

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