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Labor protection shoes function is not only one, there are such functions ...

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Labor protection shoes function is not only one, there are such functions ...

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Labor protection shoes

Labor protection shoes, that is, the role of the foot to protect shoes. Its function, does not mean that there is only one, due to the needs of the work environment, resulting in a variety of different functions of labor protection shoes. Shandong labor protection shoes manufacturer Meng Jiat here for everyone to brief, on the types of labor protection shoes have what. China's classification according to the protection of shoes to labor protection shoes, there are anti-static shoes and conductive shoes, insulated shoes, anti-smashing shoes, acid-base shoes, anti-oil shoes, non-slip shoes, Waterproof shoes and other special shoes.

First, anti-static shoes and conductive shoes. Used to prevent the human body with static electricity and place of accident, in which the conductive shoes can only be used in places where the risk of electric shock is not big. In order to ensure the effect of eliminating the static electricity of the human body, the bottom of shoes should not stick with insulating impurities, and should not wear high Insulated socks.

Second, insulated shoes (boots). For the protection of electrical workers, to prevent electric shock within a certain voltage range; insulated shoes can only be used as a safety and labor protection products, mechanical properties must be good.

Third, anti-smashing shoes. The main function is to prevent the falling objects from injuring the foot, the front of the shoe has an impact material.

Fourth, anti-piercing shoes. For the protection of the plantar, to prevent being stabbed by a variety of hard objects.

Fifth, steel shoes. The main function is anti-burning soup, prick cutting, can be a certain age of static pressure and temperature resistance, non-flammable.

Six, anti-oil shoes (boots). For the area of oil or oil splash site.

Seven, cold shoes (boots). For cold workers foot protection, so as to avoid frostbite. Cold shoes (boots) are classified into two categories: no heat source and heat source type. The former is like cotton shoes and fur shoes (boots). The latter is like heat shoes (boots), usually using fuel (such as oil and carbon) as heat source.

Eight, waterproof shoes (boots). For ground water or splashing water workplaces. Variety of industrial and mining waterproof shoes, Yan Tan shoes, aquatic boots, planting seedlings, boots such requirements wear, non-slip, anti-piercing, etc., aquatic products, Salt Beach boots, but also rubber salt corrosion.

Nine, anti-acid shoes (boots). For the ground with acid and alkali and other corrosive liquids such as acid-base splashing workplace, anti-acid-base shoes (boots) at the end and the skin must have good acid and alkali resistance and permeability.

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