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What are the differences between protecting toe shoes and ordinary shoes?

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What are the differences between protecting toe shoes and ordinary shoes?

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Toe shoe

Protect the toe shoes on its surface with ordinary shoes no difference, if you do not say it, the appearance of the basic can not see what is the difference. The difference between protecting toe shoes and regular shoes is worth our understanding.

Protecting toe shoes It is a professional to protect the feet of the shoes, so called protection toe shoes, it is not the same as ordinary shoes, it is a protective performance, ordinary shoes is that we usually wear shoes, no The role of protection. Because there is no use in life to protect the toe shoes, protect the toe shoes it is used in some operations, when in operation need to protect the toe shoes to protect the feet. Protect the toe shoes have the appropriate range of applications, basic life can not spend, which is different from ordinary shoes.

Foot protection toe shoes is an essential member of labor protection supplies, its scope of application and its extensive. So compared with ordinary shoes, the difference between the two specific aspects of what performance?

First, the production of materials from the shoes to see the difference: Ordinary shoes are generally used ordinary materials, such as textile fabrics, artificial leather, etc., while protecting the toe shoes must be good insulation materials, electrostatic materials, the first layer of leather , High temperature and other special materials. Not to mention the soles, most of the ordinary shoes are tendon at the end, from the current market point of view, the protection of toe shoes are used at the end of the rubber or PU and so on.

Second, the use of venues to see the difference: the protection of toe shoes, the vast majority of places are used in electroplating workshops, construction sites, large machinery factory and other specific workplace. Ordinary shoes are basically used to walk, shopping and some do not have a greater risk of existence of public places such as offices.

Third, looking at the differences from the design concept, protecting toe shoes aims to protect the safety of the workers' feet, so the first factor to consider when designing is safety. Ordinary shoes more consideration is beautiful, comfortable, stylish, lightweight, etc., just to meet the needs of consumers.

Fourth, to protect the differences between toe shoes and ordinary shoes is also reflected in the characteristics, applications and other related aspects. Ordinary shoes can not be used to protect the work of toe shoes should start from work, work and other considerations, and choose their own protection toe shoes, to ensure safety and health.

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