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Anti-smashing shoes industry development strategy and a detailed analysis introduced

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Anti-smashing shoes industry development strategy and a detailed analysis introduced

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Smash shoes

First, adhere to the leading strategy of product innovation

The significance of product innovation is obvious, innovation is the driving force for development, anti-smashing shoe product innovation is the driving force for the development of anti-smash shoe manufacturers. Through the anti-smashing shoes innovation, enhance the competitiveness of anti-smashing shoes, and broaden the market, establish a good brand. Product innovation ideas:

1, into the cultural elements, filling the brand meaning

Culture is a long history, it is the brand's eternal vitality, anti-smashing shoes into the culture brand, and to be displayed in the terminal, which is to demonstrate the connotation of anti-smashing shoes brand, improve anti-smashing shoe brand reputation excellent way. The cultural elements are reflected in the packaging, anti-smashing shoes products also have a heavy cultural heritage.

2, optimize graphic design, clever use of color costumes

Anti-smashing shoes product packaging graphic design and color matching is the vanguard of consumers. Graphic design exquisite, color with harmony, and pleasing smash hit shoe packaging must first jump into the eyes of consumers.

3, innovative packaging, to meet different purposes

Packaging functions, for example, to protect the product, easy to store and transport; to attract attention, to promote; easy to buy, carry; enhance the brand value and so on. Well-designed packaging for consumers to create more value for use, to create more sales and profits for producers.

4, to provide the necessary information to improve brand grade

Anti-smashing shoes product information delivery and performance is very important, packaging information and product information must be consistent. Brand name, logo and other information design performance as much as possible to reflect the anti-smashing shoes brand personality and diversity.

Second, adhere to the brand building guide strategy

Anti-smashing shoe brand owners on the brand design, promotion, maintenance, anti-smashing shoes brand construction and the main organizers are the brand owner, but the participants include all the touch points, including customers, production and distribution channels, Media partners, and even competing brands. Anti-smashing shoes brand building includes the contents of brand equity construction, information technology, channel construction, customer development, media management, word of mouth management, etc.

Third, adhere to the support of technological innovation strategy

Anti-smashing shoes technological innovation includes material innovation, process innovation, equipment innovation, environmental innovation, system innovation, it is a new product or process from the idea of a complete application of the market process, which includes the production of new ideas, research and development The series of activities from commercial production to proliferation are essentially a process of scientific and technological and economic integration. They include the two major aspects of technology development and technology utilization.

Anti-smashing shoes manufacturers to establish their own technology development center, improve technology development capabilities and levels, and create a mechanism for effective use of technology development results. Technology development and technology utilization are to form an organic whole. In this whole system, not only from the technical point of view, the law of technological development, the possibility of technological development, but also the market-oriented, considering the effectiveness of technology development .

Fourth, adhere to the marketing strategy of deciding victory

In the information age, the speed and breadth of information dissemination make great changes in the marketing environment of enterprises. The marketing concepts and marketing technologies accumulated by the manufacturers of anti-smashing shoes in the past experience will be greatly challenged. Both market leaders and new entrants are at the same starting point in the new online marketplace where every competitor has the same opportunity, so no matter how glorious it is in the past, We must make corresponding changes and innovations in marketing concepts, marketing methods, marketing strategies and marketing methods in order to meet the requirements of the information age and achieve sustainable survival and development.

1, marketing innovation: the rise of relationship marketing

In the information age, with the development and popularization of the Internet, a concept called relationship marketing is gradually being called the new hot spot of marketing. According to the Swedish marketing scholar, the so-called relationship marketing refers to: through their own efforts, establish, maintain and consolidate the relationship with their stakeholders, the mature exchange and fulfill the commitments as the main way to make the company's marketing objectives in the The coordination of all parties has been achieved. The theory of relationship marketing is based on the theory of system. The viewpoint of system theory is that the system is composed of a number of elements of interaction and interdependence and has a specific function as a whole. For each system, it must be subordinate to a higher level system, that is, with a certain environment. On the one hand, the system will be influenced and restricted by the environment and adapted to the environment; on the other hand, the system is relatively independent and dynamic and can react to the environment and transform the environment. Only a single manufacturer of anti-smashing shoes, brokers, consumers, suppliers, competitors, government and social organizations and other stakeholders together constitute the external social and economic impact and control of enterprises outside the body, anti-smashing shoes manufacturers not only To adapt to the external environment, but also should continue to improve the external environment. According to this theory, relational marketing treats marketing as a relationship and interaction of networks, and leads to the conclusion that driving the market is not only competition but also cooperation.

Co-operation means that all groups must take responsibility actively and make relationships and networks function. Under this notion, success in the marketing market relies not only on marketing and sales efforts but also on the close alignment of the entire organization and the long-term relationships established with external agencies. In relational marketing, consumers, suppliers, competitors and even government-related functional departments are closely linked to the business through an all-encompassing network that blurs the line between the business and its external environment and enables businesses to make more Well integrated into the community to which they serve.

In the pre-information age, people paid far more attention to competition than cooperation. Because an enterprise has limited resources available and limited market space for its activities, there is limited information communication between enterprises and enterprises, enterprises and consumers, and the limited benefits that can be shared among enterprises. The pre-information age lacks a mechanism that fully shares resources, information and benefits. Leaving aside the influence of the super-economic forces, enterprises have to mobilize all competitive factors to the maximum extent in order to obtain a relatively favorable market position. Offensive advertising, competitive positioning, blockade of information to consumers, and competitive behavior of all sorts arise from this.

In the information age, the infinite space of the network fully highlights the great significance of cooperation. The Internet allows any business to do business around the world, but any business alone can not do that. Without efficient logistics channels and inadequate access to the power and resources external to the enterprise, it is impossible for companies to send their products directly to consumers in any corner of the world, and the transaction simply can not be realized. In the information age, an enterprise usually only carries out the superior function while the non-dominant function is entrusted to other enterprises. Since enterprises only perform superior functions and non-superior functions are undertaken by other enterprises, enterprises must have all the functions they need for their own business through external cooperation and, on this basis, ultimately realize the Effective integration.

Relationship marketing in the information age is also reflected in the cooperation within the enterprise as well as cooperation with various external agencies. Traditionally, all aspects of corporate marketing were originally under the responsibility of different departments and personnel. Although this division of labor can reduce the waste of resources caused by repeated work, it also increases the cost of information transmission and coordination between departments. For large enterprises, this cost is very high. However, the network allows for a combination of division of labor and collaboration that can combine market research - product design and manufacturing - price changes - sales - services, marketing, marketing, and marketing, and sustaining the collaboration between marketing and other departments , So that full and effective marketing functions.

2, marketing idea innovation: constant pursuit of customer value

In the buyer's market conditions, the marketing concept is doomed to consumer-centric, to meet the needs of consumers as a starting point. However, in different historical stages, consumers' needs, especially their core needs, are often different. Therefore, the connotation of marketing concepts should also change. At present, domestic consumers have completed the historical shift from "product purchaser" to "demand-satisfied person." In the information age, consumers have also shifted from "demand-satisfaction" to "value creator" to build a marketing in the information age Idea, nature should take this transformation as the basic starting point.

The traditional economic theory of marketing management is based on the theory of firms, that is, the maximization of corporate profits, the actual decision-making process is the market research - marketing - strategy - marketing strategy - reverse marketing control such a one-way chain; Consolidation of customers throughout the marketing decision-making process, it is the manufacturer's profit override to meet consumers. For the anti-smashing shoes industry, consumers in the traditional economic system can only meet the demand by purchasing anti-smashing shoes manufacturer's products, though this product is developed after market research of anti-smashing shoe manufacturers , But not for the individual needs of each consumer design, so this kind of satisfaction of consumers, but only a constraint satisfaction.

In the information age, consumers seize the initiative of choice. They can in a very short period of time, at a low cost, with any one of cyberspace enterprises two-way, comprehensive information communication. This is not covered by the traditional economic system. Consumers are not in the anti-smashing shoes manufacturers to produce products and services to make trade-offs, just on the contrary, anti-smashing shoes manufacturers should produce what products to operate, is the choice of consumers to choose. Consumers have sufficient convenience to incorporate their perceptions of life, the world, emotions and emotions, as well as their moral values and values into the choices of products, purchases and consumption patterns. In the virtual online world, consumers are not buying products, nor are they even purely content to satisfy their needs. In an age that allows full self-expression, consumers have seen buying as an important way to embody their own values and pursue value. Therefore, in the information age, "value pursuers" can not solve the problem fundamentally because they satisfy the demand in the general sense. Only based on the customer value of this center to help them realize their pursuit of value, anti-smashing shoe manufacturers to effectively meet the needs of customers with different needs and ultimately seek their own development.

With the advent of the information age, the real-time interactive nature of the network makes it possible for customers to participate in the whole process of marketing management. This forces the manufacturer of safety shoes to truly implement the modern marketing idea based on the needs of consumers and integrate customers into the marketing In the process. To this end, enterprises must put the needs and interests of customers to maximize the same position, in pursuit of customer value as a starting point to form the integration of business information marketing era model. In this model, through constant communication between enterprises and customers, it is clear that each customer's personalized 4C (customer needs and expectations, customer costs, customer purchase convenience, customer and business communication survey) needs , On this basis, make the corresponding 4P (product, price, channel, promotion) strategic decision to maximize the profit of the enterprise.

3, marketing strategy innovation: 4P new integration

a. Channel strategy: to facilitate the customer's purchase

With the acceleration of the pace of life, consumers spend less and less time shopping, urgently requiring fast and convenient shopping methods and services. In such an interactive information age, how can the manufacturer of smash-resistant shoes capture and attract customers' attention? One of the simplest ways is to provide convenience for them to remain loyal, and the most convenient shopping is to shop online . There is no doubt that the emergence of online transactions for the existing channel structure of the enterprise will be a major challenge. The Internet establishes direct contact with consumers, exposes the goods directly to customers, answers customer questions, and accepts customer orders. This direct interaction with online shopping beyond time and space is undoubtedly a revolution in marketing channels. The success of each business depends on its ability to form a reputable customer base that can be re-purchased, customers often looking back because they are interested, rather than trying to train another supplier.

b. Product Strategy: Satisfaction of consumer personality needs

Traditional marketing, manufacturers of anti-smashing shoe manufacturers to prevent smashing shoes after market research, according to the statistical results appear in the most frequent demand characteristics to design and produce products, and ultimately products through a wide range of sales channels to various segments market. The formation of this situation is due to the technical level of restrictions on the one hand, anti-smashing shoe manufacturers can not understand nor meet the unique needs of customers; the other hand is also due to the needs of traditional consumers also remain at a lower level, did not form Or aware of their own individual needs. However, in the information age, the consumers facing the manufacturer of anti-smashing shoes are essentially different from the traditional consumers who are recipients of passive goods. They demand that they be active in the market and require the suppliers to provide them with individuality The commercialization of products requires that enterprises design and produce products according to their own wishes. Because of the Internet, consumers can not only receive information, but also send out information to form a two-way exchange of information between producers and consumers so that producers can "tailor their products to consumers."

c. Promotion Strategy: Emphasize the communication between both parties

The traditional mass media promotion methods such as the promotion of personnel, advertising, etc., the information flow is one-way, and the flow speed is largely subject to the spatial movement of the physical media, there is more obvious between the information sent and feedback "Time lag". Real-time network provides enterprises and customers with a new way of communication, almost all of the traditional ways to promote online to find ways to achieve. Providing product-related expertise on the web to further serve the consumer not only increases the value of the product but also enhances the corporate image. In addition to fully displaying the performance, features, quality and customer service contents of the corporate products, network marketing is more important to be able to make one-on-one promotional services for individual needs in a humane and customer-oriented manner. All of these activities and aims to strengthen the business and consumer communication.

d. Price Strategy: Consumers accept as the bottom line

In the pre-information era, due to the incompleteness and asymmetry of information widely existed in the traditional commodity market, the scope of people's activities and people's limited understanding of the information are generally obtained only from a limited number of media or on their own Field search. If the search is costless, consumers continually search until they find the cheapest price, but in reality this does not happen when there is a barrier to communication because consumers search for something that is costly , Its search behavior is also limited, which makes the same commodity different pricing strategies exist. In the information age, as the network has broken through the limitation of timeliness, geographical scope and capacity of traditional media in information dissemination, the problem of asymmetric information between buyers and sellers in the traditional transaction process has basically been solved. Consumers can roam on the Internet , Search until the best price is displayed, and make sensible buying decisions accordingly. As a result, diversified pricing strategies are difficult to implement on the web and consumer sensitivities to prices are greatly enhanced. Therefore, labor insurance shoe manufacturers are required to provide consumers with products and services at the lowest possible price.

Fifth, marketing innovation means: the integration of tradition and modernity

The traditional means of marketing than in the information media for a large number of advertising bombing, or with the celebrity effect, home marketing and other means of reinforcement, and relies on layers of distribution channels to win the attention of consumers. These approaches, both in terms of business costs and consumer satisfaction, present a wide range of deficiencies and their marketing costs today seem to have become unaffordable luxury. In the future, traditional marketing techniques such as personnel marketing, market research, advertising promotion and distribution agency will combine with internet marketing and make full use of various online resources to form a new marketing model that is invested with the lowest cost and maximized market sales.

Internet marketing has now been the general concern of people, it is because it has the traditional marketing can not match the advantages. This advantage lies in the ability to organically integrate texts, sounds, pictures and flood control through various marketing activities such as product description, promotion, customer opinion survey, advertisement, public relations and customer service ...... and carry out one-to-one Communication, truly integrated marketing to achieve the combined effect. It is precisely because of the many advantages of Internet marketing, it appeared on the traditional marketing form a powerful impact. Every business wishing to sustain its business must revisit every aspect of its marketing campaign: from advertising, sales strategy, contract execution, shipping, payment methods to after-sales service, and consider shifting the focus of its marketing strategy to the internet.

Of course, traditional marketing methods can not be completely replaced by emerging marketing tools. And any kind of innovative marketing, have to go through a very long period of development, in order to find the real market power, radio, television, Internet marketing as well. Therefore, companies involved in network marketing, more importantly, the reform of existing marketing methods, so that it can play the traditional and modern comprehensive advantages.

Six, adhere to the business management innovation assurance strategy

Management needs innovation is the survival and development needs of enterprises. In an increasingly competitive market environment, manufacturers of anti-smashing shoes if not innovative, not with the times, not adapt to rapid changes in the environment, consumers will be abandoned, the market out.

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