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Labor protection shoes supply manufacturers introduce labor insurance products for you

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Labor protection shoes supply manufacturers introduce labor insurance products for you

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Labor protection shoes

Labor insurance products, mainly refers to a safe, no danger, not infringement, no accidents, and labor protection shoes is one of our common labor insurance products. So, in addition to labor protection shoes, labor insurance products, what else? Shandong labor protection shoes supply manufacturers - Meng Ji Te, here for everyone to briefly introduce as follows:

First, breathing protective gear. Mainly to prevent pneumoconiosis and occupational diseases important care products, protection against oxygen and airborne dust and other harmful substances into the respiratory protective equipment. According to the use is divided into dustproof, anti-virus, oxygen three categories, according to the principle of action is divided into filter, isolated two categories.

Second, eye protection. To protect the operator's eyes, face, prevent external injuries. Divided into the welding eye protection, eye protection, furnace with eye protection, anti-impact eye protection, microwave protection, laser protection and anti-X-ray protection, anti-chemical, dust and other eye protection.

Third, labor protection shoes. Used to protect the foot from injury. At present the main products are anti-smashing, insulation, anti-static, acid, oil, non-slip shoes.

Fourth, protective gloves. For hand protection, there are acid and alkali gloves, electrical insulation sets, welding gloves, X-ray gloves, asbestos gloves.

Five, protective clothing. Used to protect workers from the physical and chemical factors in the working environment. Protective clothing is divided into special protective clothing and general clothing two categories. Its role is to ensure that special service personnel in the work environment harmful to the safety of people.

China is a populous country. Footwear industry is an important industry to solve employment. People wear shoes. With the continuous improvement of living standards, the demand for shoes will also be higher and higher. However, In the industry, with the improvement of the safety level of industrial production, the development of labor protection shoes manufacturing enterprises derived from the traditional shoe-making industry is also thriving. However, with the price competition of labor protection shoes exacerbated, the traditional labor protection shoe manufacturers to upgrade is the trend of the times.

For labor protection shoe manufacturers, the transformation and upgrading means that not only to enhance product quality, but also shoes design capabilities, manufacturing capabilities to enhance the overall. To implement the industrial upgrading of labor protection shoes industry, enterprises should take the brand as the core, to strengthen the design, strive to create a comfortable, portable, safe.

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