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Chinese anti-smashing shoes business has come to a crossroads of transition!

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Chinese anti-smashing shoes business has come to a crossroads of transition!

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Smash shoes

Anti-smashing shoes is a specific footwear branch, is mainly defined as protecting the feet from injury shoes. Although not like helmets, protective gloves used as often, but anti-smashing shoes is also a major category of labor protection supplies in China has gone through 50 years of development history, the current export volume of anti-smash shoes in China ranks first in the world, but Industry experts generally think we are big exporter of anti-smashing shoes, but by no means export-oriented, mainly because of low technological content and added value. Anti-smashing shoes industry with cheap labor costs and the liberalization of national environmental policy to obtain rapid development, but now the international and domestic environment are quietly changing, China's anti-smashing shoes market has come to a crossroads, where to go about life and death. Increasing labor costs due to rising raw material prices Enterprises can not hold

Most of China's anti-smashing shoes are still in the basic stage of production with very low technical content, while medium and high-grade shoes account for only a small proportion and are basically exported. The low profitability of the basic model shoes is extremely high on labor and material costs. As the costs of raw materials and labor continue to rise, many small businesses that have not been able to survive the fierce profit wars fall and others can only reduce their costs Quality standards, barely survive. At the same time, the state has made greater efforts to protect the environment and the cost of pollution control has also risen. This is even worse for enterprises.

Domestic anti-smashing shoes market is great, but due to the enthusiasm of domestic enterprises on labor protection is not high, most companies are reluctant to spend too much money on the protection of workers, so the high-end anti-smashing shoes market is sluggish, and foreign markets China's demand is mainly low-priced low-end products, so anti-smashing shoes enterprises technological innovation momentum is not enough, the long run, China's anti-smashing shoes companies will fall into the pressure of cost pressures, the loss of the price advantage, but also It lost its advantage in the international market, then if domestic demand can not keep up, a large number of anti-smashing shoes enterprises will die.

Where are you going from the crossroads?

The era of labor dividend has been lopsided, the front is the battlefield of technology content and brand, standing at a crossroads smash hit shoe industry at this time the choice is crucial. In the short term, with the gradual weakness of the labor force, we may still be able to earn a few years' money. For long-term development, it is imperative to make the transition. China Labor Insurance Network's recommendations to enterprises is science and technology strategy, cultural strategy and marketing strategy of the full upgrade.

Science and technology are primary productive forces

As early as the 90s of last century, General Secretary Deng Xiaoping saw the absolute impact of science and technology on production and put forward the slogan that science and technology are primary productive forces. Whether for a country, an industry or specific to a factory, this sentence is the last word. Anti-smashing shoes is different from ordinary footwear products, strong demand for specific functionality, the United States, Europe and China have set strict standards, in order to meet the standards, especially in Europe and the United States high standards, companies must invest enough manpower and material resources, Scientific research and development of financial resources, and only access to excellent and other manufacturers of scientific and technological patents, improve the technological content of products and added value, in order to improve product profitability, in business competition in an invincible position. At present, the types of anti-smashing shoes are mainly divided into toenail anti-smashing shoes, insulated shoes, anti-static shoes, conductive shoes, steel shoes, rubber boots, cold shoes, each corresponding to the relevant science and technology, Large, but if technically savvy, you do not have to struggle in the quagmire of prices, the impact of rising raw materials and labor costs on the business can be minimized.

"Human life must be shut down and development must not be at the expense of human life, which must serve as an insurmountable red line." General Secretary Xi's remark sets the red line and the bottom line for safe production. The state has paid close attention to safety in production to unprecedented heights. It is foreseeable that the state will lay emphasis on safety and production laws and regulations. This will be manifested in that the existing provisions are supplemented and perfected, and on the other hand, strict supervision of actual implementation , The law of Damocles sword hanging on the head of employment enterprises, they will have to increase employee labor protection investment. This is all labor insurance products business is an opportunity, of course, including anti-smashing shoes business. Under the intervention of the government, the labor protections of Chinese enterprises toward the workers must gradually move towards the norm. The purchase of labor protection articles by enterprises will gradually move closer to the high standards of Europe and the United States, and high-tech products will become the new favorites.

Culture is the eternal vitality of enterprises

Anti-smashing shoes has always given the impression that the stereotyped gray, bulky, not stylish, famous foreign enterprises in this area did not have any outstanding performance, many people are still not aware of a pair of anti-smashing shoes can contain what kind of cultural factors, In this regard, China and Europe and the United States are at an early stage and can compete on the high ground.

First of all, in the name of the brand to reflect the oriental elements. Due to the advantages of the European and American brands in the field of labor protection products, many domestic enterprises deliberately give the product a foreign name while doing business, obscure pronunciation and hard to remember, which is unfavorable to brand development. The obscurity of the Chinese name of foreign companies because of the limitations of transliteration, many big brands in order to integrate into the Chinese market even deliberately solicited easy to understand translation, such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, BMW, Heineken and so on. The history of China's development for thousands of years can provide cultural support for brand building without going too far and losing its own characteristics and connotation.

On the other hand, to optimize the design, so that anti-smashing shoes into the fashion. According to a research report by Kronos China Institute of Labor, China's labor force is undergoing dramatic changes. It gradually entered the management level after 80 and entered the workforce after 90. The new generation that has grown up with the Internet and mobile applications is profoundly affecting the workplace today And employers. Their self-esteem will bring new opportunities for China's labor protection industry. After 80 and 90, the young people are very different from their parents. Pursuing personality, fashion and freedom are their genes. Japan Green Security Co., Ltd. conducted a survey on 329 site members against smashing shoes in September 2014. Survey shows that 74.8% of people want to have a pair of "fashion anti-smashing shoes", respondents on warm colors (red, orange, yellow, pink) are particularly popular. According to the company, the number of orders for warm-colored anti-smash shoes from 2010 to 2015 increased four-fold. This may give some inspiration to China's anti-smashing shoe makers. Optimizing graphic design and color matching will win more favor with the product.

In addition, innovations can also be made on the packaging, and today packaging is more than just product protection, attention, storage and portability. It has become an additional feature of packaging, and unique and attractive packaging enhances brand value and enhances Product quality, or even become a fashion.

Of course, there are more cultural aspects to be enterprises to dig deeper, a good product has practical value at the same time, with more added value the more likely to win the favor, the best example of the Apple mobile phone.

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