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What is PU protection toe shoe technology? What is the production process?

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What is PU protection toe shoe technology? What is the production process?

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Toe shoe

Protection of toe shoes with PU even help injection molding one molding process, and in particular add anti-wear agent, cold agent, antistatic agent, protect toe shoes are super wear-resistant, cold, stretch resistance,

First, what is polyurethane?

Polyurethane is short for polyurethane. It is a polymer compound containing many repeating amino groups in the main chain of polymer. It is formed by chemical reaction between isocyanate and polyol compound.

Second, what the soles with polyurethane?

Sole with polyurethane is between the rubber and plastic micro-porous elastomer, is a porous structure with open pores, the cell diameter of 0.01 ~ 0.1mm, free foaming density of 0.25 to 0.35, (molding density of 0.3 to 1) , Usually 1 ~ 2mm self-skinning, with excellent resilience and great energy absorption. The company is located in:

Protective toe shoes using thermoplastic polyurethane foam material (referred to as PU), with light, high wear resistance, high elasticity, coupled with the import of additives / high-end technology, with hydrolysis resistance, resistance to low concentrations of acid, alkali, organic solvents , Anti-aging and other fine features!

Third, why polyurethane is the ideal material for manufacturing soles?

1, Polyurethane sole with soft, warm, oil, scratch resistance, wear and other characteristics, wear-resistant than 6 times more rubber, according to the requirements of a wide range of its density and hardness can be adjusted, can be made in two colors ) Double bottom, the bottom of the micro-foam high wear-resistant work surface, insole for comfortable wearing elastic foam.

2, extremely light, the proportion of only 0.3 to 0.8, much lighter than the common soles of the material, on the requirements of impact-resistant, anti-perforated platform shoes more appropriate protection of toe shoes (labor insurance shoes) in the world 15% polyurethane (PU) Soles.

3, lower mold requirements, easy to create investment savings (when the foam mold pressure is small, only 0.14 ~ 0.2Mpa).

4, the forming method is simple, both the production of shoes can also produce even the shoes, (PU at the end and a variety of fabrics particularly strong adhesive) Variety and yield changes flexible, suitable for modern industrial production.

Fourth, the protection of toe shoes production process how?

The raw materials of A and B components are completely melted in the raw material preheating oven, the C material (catalyst) and the color paste are added into the A material as required, and are respectively added to the original liquid tank of the sole forming machine, and are respectively adjusted according to the formula requirements and the pouring quantities Two components (A1 and A2 and B) of the metering pump speed, the two groups of stock solution in the mixing device by high-speed mixing and chemical reaction occurs, the mixture poured in the shoe mold (shoe mold cavity size to adjust the computer Programmable set by the pouring time), after stamping to the ring production line bake mold so that the heating and curing (production of two-color soles to be cured before pouring a second time), cured PU shoe soles after trimming, trimming , Finishing and testing is the finished product, shoe mold spray release agent and then sent to pouring, the entire production cycle can be adjusted according to liquid maturation requirements of the production line speed.

Fifth, the production of PU soles (even help shoes) to prepare what conditions?

1, the production site: 8m wide, 20m long, about 160m2, the corresponding raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products warehouse, due to the lighter equipment, covers an area larger, it can be placed on the upstairs (in order to install and move easily, Foot screw). If the production of PU shoe soles should have paint; if the production of even the shoes, you should increase the sewing upper and the setting of equipment and places.

2, material: raw materials should be about 0.5 to 1 ton, A material barrel 18kg, B material barrel 20kg, although the amount of C material is very small, due to not perishable, can be prepared about 10kg. Another need to prepare release agent 50kg, cleaning agent (methylene chloride) a vat and a number of paste.

3, about 50kw electricity, if the production line oven without electric heating, you need electricity about 20kw.

4, one set of air compressor (air volume 0.6m3min, pressure 0.6 ~ 0.8MPa, power 5.5kw) as the main air source and spray release agent purposes.

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