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Anti-smashing shoes protective shoes on the workers foot protection has an important role

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Anti-smashing shoes protective shoes on the workers foot protection has an important role

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Smash shoes

Moving and supporting the weight of the body are two important functions of the foot, however, the most vulnerable parts of the foot are often neglected. With people's awareness of labor protection and self-protection enhanced, the protection of their feet has gradually been recognized.

Slipping and falling were reported to be the main cause of work-related accidents in the United Kingdom, resulting in about 17% of disability resulting in a total number of accidents of up to 180,000 per year and the second most common cause of death at workplaces Accounting for about 13%. The total number of accidents is 1,037 cases a year. Therefore, it should be given sufficient attention.

Anti-smashing shoes wear range

In general, workers in the following environments must wear anti-smashing shoes: objects may fall into the floor due to falling and rolling objects in the environment, or be exposed to electromagnetic exposure; handling may drop heavy Things (such as luggage, bulky tools, etc.) must be worn with impact or impact protection of the anti-smashing shoes; work may encounter some sharp objects, such as nails, screws, scraping for the sharp metal ring And so on; the workplace in the ground often have some easy to roll the weight (may be rolled from the foot), requires the use of anti-compression shoes; for electricians in this special occupation, you must Use a special type of conductive or insulated footwear.

Classification of foot injuries

At work, foot injuries can be grouped into the following types: Shock, Impact - Bulky or sharp objects Dropping the foot may result in injury or piercing of the foot. In collisions with stiff objects, the foot Fractures may also occur. Slippage - When walking on oil, water, or a floor where chemicals are present, it may cause imbalance in the human body. The following precautions can be taken for such problems: Keep the floor dry, clean up after the oil, chemicals, etc. have passed Floor; placed mat on the floor to reduce the risk while improving comfort; to increase attention; wear non-slip anti-smashing shoes.

Of course, the most important of these is to wear non-slip anti-smash shoes. Experts estimate that wearing only non-slip shoes can reduce the chances of accidents by half and save money.

Electric Shock - Accidental contact with electricity can result in electric shock, burns or vibrations or electric shock. Wear special conductive footwear to prevent such problems.

Extreme Temperature Damage - Foot may be burned or frostbite in extremely hot or cold working conditions. So wear special shoes too.

Protective footwear requirements

Different types of protective footwear, with different functions, but the basic requirements are the same, in order to provide effective protection and encourage wear, must meet the following requirements: Meet or exceed the industry and national standards of use, with Good protection; comfortable to wear; cheap. Of course, easy to buy, the appearance of style is also affect the wear and spread of the main factors, but the safety and protection is the primary.

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