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A pair of car repair labor protection shoes "monologue", for their own safety have a look!

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A pair of car repair labor protection shoes "monologue", for their own safety have a look!

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Labor protection shoes

In your shoe, there may be one or two pairs of shoes, so you walk on the road more comfortable and relaxed; in the maintenance work of the car, there are so a pair of people feel comfortable shoes, it Can protect the auto repair workers in the work from accidental violations. This is the most practical and practical the most practical "labor protection shoes"

"I" is a pair of labor protection shoes, "I" was born there is no noble and elegant shoes temperament, there is no youthful personality of sports shoes, no casual shoes that elegant and lively figure, no literary shoes fresh and refined look, Some are simple and honest skin and simple and honest body, the appearance of flat, wear and also some clumsiness, but "I" never feel ashamed, because "I" bear an important responsibility for front-line vehicle maintenance workers Provide foot protection.

Do not look at "me" appearances, "I" is particularly intrinsic within the enrichment. First of all, "I" the main body - sole, is made of high strength insulating material + steel, with good insulation properties, anti-puncture and acid and alkali resistance. In the car repair shop, there are all kinds of electrical equipment, heavy machinery and equipment, all kinds of bolts and bolts, "I" body not only to prevent a range of electric shock accident, but also to protect the auto repair staff from being stabbed by sharp objects.

Secondly, "I" head is also equipped with "Admiralty cover iron shirt", inlaid with shoes before the hard and strong steel, so that "I" has a good impact resistance and anti-smashing capabilities. In the event of vehicle overhaul, if there is something falling / crushing, "I" is the last guarantee of safety. With tough "armor" to withstand the impact and protect the safety of the car repair staff's feet.

"I" is a pair of labor protection shoes, I was born to be given the mission is to protect the safety of auto repair staff. Each of their steps will be under my protection.

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