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Anti-smashing shoes is an important part of labor protection products

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Anti-smashing shoes is an important part of labor protection products

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Smash shoes

Labor protection products in many categories, such as helmets, mining shoes, non-slip gloves, insulated shoes, overalls and so on, but often used to work is anti-smashing shoes, it is necessary to protect workers labor protective equipment Why do you say that?

At work or in life, when the worker uses a tool to carry heavy objects, the feet are usually in the lowest part of the work position, so the feet are easily bruised and punctured by bulky, hard and angular objects, and at this time If workers wear anti-smashing shoes, you can reduce this hazard.

Anti-smashing shoes

Anti-smashing shoes are metal stamping, electroplating chemicals, machinery and equipment manufacturing, printing and packaging, steel and shipbuilding workshops and by the adverse effects of harsh regional environment and wearing a protective foot protection supplies. Because the anti-smashing shoes in the soles of the top of a special material placed steel to prevent sharp objects piercing the soles of the staff at the bottom of the foot injury. Anti-smashing shoes are widely used in foot protection, to prevent being stabbed by a variety of sharp hard objects, mainly for mining, machinery, construction, metallurgy, logging, transportation and other industries.

Electrical shoes is also special insulating anti-smashing shoes, electrical workers in general are only dressed in distribution operations, as a supplementary protective equipment. Insulation shoes The current market generally points low-voltage insulation, 6KV insulation or 10KV high voltage insulation.

Electrician in the case of low-voltage live work, wear insulating anti-smashing shoes to ensure normal and safe operation. However, in the case of high voltage charging, it is not permissible to rely solely on insulating shoes and not to wear other safety helmets, insulating gloves and the like. Because insulated shoes can only protect the feet from harm, and other exposed parts may be dangerous.

The existence of anti-smashing shoes is designed specifically for people to withstand the presence of a variety of workplaces, sharp objects, high temperature, the danger of static on the feet, people's lives indispensable labor protection supplies, is the safety of people's feet work Golden Shield.

The role of anti-smashing shoes determines its position in the labor protection products, so the operator in operations required to wear anti-smashing shoes, improve safety awareness and reduce labor hazards.

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