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How to protect labor protection shoes is not moldy?

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How to protect labor protection shoes is not moldy?

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Labor protection shoes

Accurate nursed back to essentials: the recent use of simple and convenient shoe polish more and more people. But be careful and meticulous rub, never enough perfunctory, in order to extend the life of labor protection shoes. The exact order is as follows:

1. With a large brush light brush the entire labor protection shoes, take a look at the protruding parts of the shoe along the contaminated dirt?

2. Shoes along the seam or seams and other departments, with a small shoe brush to remove dirt and fine dust.

3. Loosen the shoelace, and then use a small brush to brush dirt from the outside is not easy to see

4. squeeze a little clean oil on the cloth, painted the entire shoe, this time, the most important thing is to be left in the shoes of the old shoe polish thoroughly clean.

5. Take another piece of cloth (not clean cloth with oil), stained with a little shoe polish, painted the entire shoe. Shoe polish to take the amount of small fingers can be fine.

6. After coating the entire shoe, polish the entire work-only shoe with a clean, soft cloth. Detail also perfunctory.

7. Spray waterproof fog. Water fog can not only make the shoes against the invasion of water, but also has the effect of not easily contaminated with dirt.

8. Water spray dry, and then into the shoe last shoe.

If your labor protection shoes is in accordance with the labor insurance Xiaobian recommended maintenance methods to do, then the shoes will certainly not moldy.

When wearing shoes, you should first release the shoelace and then use the shoehorn, a lot of labor-protection shoes are damaged from the heel. Therefore, use shoes as much as possible. Do not be crowded when wearing shoes, shoe lace shoes should develop the habit of wearing laces and then wear. When the usual shoes should be used to prevent shoe deformation last. Foot shape, walking, body temperature and moisture, rain and other factors can lead to shoes aliasing, especially when the sweat or rain, so be sure to use the shoe last shoe shape. Because body temperature and humidity will make the leather loose, in the shoe when the body temperature still exist must be set.

In addition, no matter how good the safety shoes should not wear every day, labor protection Xiaobian proposed to each worker issued two pairs of safety shoes at the same time, for daily work wear, wear different shoes to prevent shoes aging One of the ways. The basic supplies of shoes maintenance shoe brush, clean oil, shoe polish, cloth, waterproof spray and other objects. Brush the best use of horse hair, and should have at least two shoe brush, a large brush shoes overall, the other a small brush detail, shoe polish and shoe colors to complement each other. Leather shoes should be immediately after getting wet for proper disposal, so that shoes can not be deformed.

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