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Labor protection shoes will affect the performance of shoe soles?

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Labor protection shoes will affect the performance of shoe soles?

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Labor protection shoes

Have you noticed it? Every pair of labor-protective shoes you wear suffers the full weight of your body, and when you are doing expressive exercise, it still has to bear more weight on your body, so when you buy labor protection shoes, be sure to Select those soles wear shock absorbance good skid resistance of labor-friendly shoes, because the performance of labor-protection shoes will affect the situation by the soles.

Normal wear shoes, the skin temperature of the foot can reach 34-35 ℃, with intense exercise, the temperature can reach 43-49 ℃, if the soles of the line design is relatively rough and complex, then the friction with the ground will be greater, The higher the heat, so the design requires not only labor protection shoes vamp have good breathability, soles also have, taking into account the waterproof slip resistance.

Viaduct construction sites in the absence of safe clean-up situation, there will be machinery, materials, spoil and so on piled around the foundation pit slope, if night workers did not pay attention to vulnerable to piercing the soles sharp damage to the foot, We wear anti-piercing labor protection shoes is to deal with the occurrence of such a situation. Puncture-proof labor protection shoes because the steel plate placed above the soles, so to prevent all kinds of sharp objects piercing the soles of the feet, the effective protection of the foot to ensure the safety of homework.

The construction of viaduct has complex surrounding environment, many buildings and underground pipelines, many structural forms, many sub-projects, cross-transformation of construction methods, high altitude operations, construction difficulty, complex engineering geology and hydrogeology, uncertainties Many, construction period pressure and so on.

Labor protection shoes

Labor workers consume a great deal of physical energy during exercise. When they are walking under weight, their feet must withstand the impact of gravity. If the labor-protection shoes do not have good shock absorption and can not alleviate the impact, their feet will feel exhausted , So labor protection shoes with good performance have a huge impact on their work.

Also in the workplace emergency stop, rapid turn is a frequent occurrence, in order to avoid accidents caused by accidents, the choice of labor-protection shoes should have a high slip resistance, and in order to find the best between wear resistance and slip resistance Balance point, better performance of labor protection shoes is designed through the soles of the lines to achieve.

The quality of labor protection shoes, sometimes the quality of the shoes simply by looking at the surface of the shoes can not be seen, when you wear a pair of good performance of labor protection shoes, walking will feel comfortable. In fact, the performance of labor protection shoes is good or bad, it not only affects the situation of the sole force, but also affect your wearing comfort at work, so we try to choose good performance under the conditions of labor protection shoes.

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