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Protect toe shoes technical standards explained in detail

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Protect toe shoes technical standards explained in detail

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Toe shoe

Protective toe shoes generally refers to wear in different workplaces with the protection of the feet and legs from the foreseeable damage to the footwear. Protection of toe shoes is a high volume and high value-added footwear products to protect the toe protection toe shoes is installed in the toe head against the impact of certain Baotou, made of leather or other materials to protect the toe-free Injured shoes (boots).

First, the general technical requirements

(1) structure: by the steel Baotou; toe pad; leather upper; eye; lace; shoes ear; Shoulder Waist; (Bore) at the end; filling core; front palm and so on.

(2) the thickness of the outsole: direct injection, vulcanized, adhesive outsole thick (excluding tooth thickness) not less than 4mm; full rubber and all polymer boots full thickness of not less than 6mm, tooth thickness ( Pattern) not less than 3mm, other materials, the height of the boot is not less than 2.5mm, no pattern (teeth) outsole any part of the thickness of not less than 6mm.

(3) The appearance of the appearance of quality: there must be no help face disability, the color is different, and heavy wire, jumper, broken line, needle uneven, open plastic, over sulfur, sulfur, sulfur spray, .

Second, the safety performance

(1) pressure resistance: the toe from within the Baotou 25mm (3mm Department, even Gangbang cut under the indication error is (1% of the pressure testing machine platform in the toe into the high 35mm, A diameter of 22 mm plastic cylinder and then 5 mm / min (2mm / min speed force to the required force for 1min, and then restore the force to zero.Remove the compressed plasticine, with a caliper height to The value of the lowest measured value is the actual value, its value should meet the regulation.

(2) Impact resistance: Place the toe cap and cylindrical plasticine with the inside of the head under the impact machine, fix the inspected toe head, raise the impact hammer (23kg (0.2kg)) to the required height and then freely fall Impact toe. Remove the plasticine measured with a caliper, the value should be consistent with the provisions.

(3) Pressure resistance and impact resistance requirements of the inner header: the test method is the same as that of the toe cap, but the deformation distance of the inner header shall not be less than 22mm after the test.

(4) Baotou corrosion resistance requirements: due to foot sweat and moisture and other reasons can be corrosive Baotou, and affect the quality of shoes. Therefore, Baotou should have corrosion resistance. The requirement is to use two white filter papers (100 m wide and 150 mm long) with one end immersed in 1% NaCl solution and the other end placed above and below the inner tip. After 48h remove the filter paper, check the Baotou NaCl corrosion marks, measure the area of each spot (mm2), require corrosion spots shall not exceed 5 points, and each spot shall not be greater than 2.5mm2.

Third, product classification

1. According to fabric material:

(1) cowhide toe shoes;

(2) cattle suede protection toe shoes;

(3) pig suede protection toe shoes;

(4) Pigmented toe shoes;

(5) white canvas protection toe shoes.

(6) rubber toe protection toe shoes

According to the craft:

(1) Note pressure shoes;

(2) adhesive shoes;

(3) Molded vulcanized shoes;

(4) seam shoes

(5) compound process adhesive stitching shoes. The current process of suitable safety shoes to injection pressure, molded, adhesive-based, and a single seam less.

3. Model specifications

Protect the toe protect the toe shoes are low to help, high waist, semi-cylinder and high cylinder four styles. According to the toe pressure and impact resistance size is divided into An1. An2. An3. An4. And An5 and other five. There are three types of shoes, three and a half three and four three, specifications are 22 ~ 28 1/2 and other varieties.

Fourth, shoe scale production characteristics

The inner head (from the tip to the back end of the header and the horizontal distance of 40 ~ 60mm, height of 35mm, curling greater than 3mm) placed between the shoes and shoes, Both to make Baotou and vamp smooth and can increase the folding endurance and comfort. In the back of the mouth with sponge roller to protect the ankle, comfortable to wear.

Fifth, protect the quality of toe shoes Toe shoes is the implementation of national production permit products

1, the principle of comprehensive judgment: outsoles folding, wear resistance, shoe peel strength, shoe compression and impact resistance must be qualified, the other allows the number of unqualified shall not exceed 2, otherwise judged unqualified.

2, the sample test:

Inner Baotou test in line with the sample, test the appearance of quality, corrosion resistance (metal only Baotou), compression and impact resistance and other items. Which compression and impact resistance must meet the requirements, other items allow no more than one non-conforming items, or non-conforming products.

The main function of protecting toe shoes is to prevent falling objects from hurting the feet. Shoe header anti-impact material. The main function of steel shoes is anti-burning hot, prick cutting, should be able to withstand some static pressure and resistance to a certain temperature, not flammable. These shoes apply to smelting, furnace, cast iron and so on. In addition to the above there are some special supporting the use of shoe covers, such as canvas, asbestos, aluminum foil shoe cover and so on.

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