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Professional analytical anti-smashing shoes impact resistance test method

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Professional analytical anti-smashing shoes impact resistance test method

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Smash shoes

Anti-smashing shoes Some people call it steel head shoes, although called different, they belong to the same type of protective shoes, designed to protect the toe class protective shoes, anti-smashing shoes design and processing, the shoe front header impact Material, can prevent the operator from falling objects in the operation wearing the foot, so that the anti-smashing shoes impact resistance measurement is very important, then how to detect anti-smashing shoes impact resistance?

For maintenance workers who shuttle daily on the railway, they attach importance to their safety work and require them to raise their safety awareness during work and study for safety. Wear proper protective equipment such as hard-wearing safety shoes, Protect yourself is a must This will not only ensure that all railway maintenance work is more standardized and programmed, but will also prevent any reduction of dangerous accidents.

Railway maintenance because of the complex workplace environment, the need for safety shoes with anti-smashing function, because it can effectively prevent the foot to avoid heavy pressure hit, anti-smashing function is installed in the toe head against the impact of certain Baotou, Baotou placed Between the shoes and shoes, and in the end of the head pad padded with sponge, both to make Baotou and vamp smooth, but also increase the folding and comfort.

Anti-smashing shoes impact resistance test mainly using safety shoes impact testing machine, the test method as follows:

1. Operators before the appointment by the professional and technical personnel training before operation;

2. Connect the correct use of power, check the safety shoe impact testing machine security hook is in working condition;

3. Place the test-specific clay on the central axis of the steel head shoe that is prepared;

4. The test toe placed on the impact testing machine chassis, and then use a special clamping device to secure it;

5. After the sample is installed, open the safety hooks;

6. Adjust the travel switch of the testing machine so that the impact head of the safety shoe impact testing machine slowly rises to the energy level required for testing;

7. Press the test button, so that the impact of the first free fall impact on the steel head shoes;

8. Press the down button, so that the lifting plate can be dropped to the impact of the head so far;

9. Remove the test clay inside the shoe and measure its height, which is the small clearance at impact.

And anti-smashing shoes have the same protection of the foot of the safety shoes There are many types of shoes, which are used in different places of the workplace, to protect the toe puncture, compression, insulation, anti-static, acid and alkali, cold , Non-slip, heat-resistant, anti-cutting and so on.

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