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Labor protection shoes, protection is not just so simple

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Labor protection shoes, protection is not just so simple

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Labor protection shoes

Do you have a pair of "labor protection shoes"? The company is located in:

When it comes to PPE, the first thing we might think of is a hard hat, seat belt, gloves, and labor protection shoes, protective boots, which are often ignored to protect workers' feet. In fact, because the worker is usually in the lowest part of the working posture when using the tools, operating the machine, handling materials and the like, the worker may come into contact with bulky, hard and angular objects at any time so as to be injured, punctured or On the other hand, if the feet do not stand firm, the body loses its balance and ruins the normal working posture, which may cause an accident. In view of this, the protection of foot safety equipment is particularly important. According to the operating conditions and choose a suitable special protective footwear, it is possible to prevent foot injury occurs. But do you have a pair of "labor protection shoes"? The company is located in:

Do you understand the function of protective footwear? The company is located in:

Currently more common protective shoes include: labor protection shoes, insulated shoes, anti-static and conductive shoes, steel shoes and shoe covers, cold shoes, etc., in addition to the road workers for the insulation soles, suitable for construction workers Sole reinforcement, suitable for food, wine workers soles moisture-proof shoes and so on. Protective footwear features mainly for the work environment and conditions set, generally have a non-slip, puncture, anti-extrusion function, while the other is a specific function, such as anti-conductive, anti-corrosion and so on. The company is located in:

It is understood that at present, there are tens of thousands of production safety accidents in industrial and mining commerce enterprises every year in our country, with over 10,000 deaths. In addition, occupational hazards are very serious. At present, there are more than 16 million toxic and harmful enterprises in our country and more than 200 million have been harmed by occupational diseases. To reduce casualties and reduce occupational hazards, in addition to establishing and perfecting various accountability systems, increasing investment in safety funds, and improving safety conditions and facilities, we also need to improve the standard system of individual protective equipment, raise the level of individual protective equipment and enhance the self-esteem of workers Protection ability. The company is located in:

Why do some workers wear slippers to work? The company is located in:

Do not wear a helmet, in the event of accidental injury, due to the head injury, is likely to cause serious injury or death; but without protective footwear, the damage will be much lighter compared to rarely jeopardize To life. It is precisely because of this reason, the correct wear protective shoes are often ignored by workers. The company is located in:

Cheng Jun, a senior engineer of the National Labor Protection Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, told reporters in an interview that when they went to the construction site for inspection, they found that many workers were wearing shoes or even slippers. According to the regulations, workers in construction sites must wear protective toe labor protection shoes according to their work needs. Such shoes can effectively prevent external injury such as crushing or punching of metal objects because of the steel toe cap. However, workers wearing shoes or slippers, simply can not play the role of protecting the toes. The company is located in:

Statistics show that after 50 years of development, China's personal protective equipment industry has become an industry with relatively complete categories of products, relatively stable production, supply and marketing, abundant product varieties and basically meeting the needs of production. It has made it possible to reduce casualties and protect the health of workers It played an important role. However, due to various reasons, such as the concept of lagging behind, personal protective equipment has been overlooked by most people, especially the protection of hand, foot and body parts that do not appear to be related to life and safety and labor protection products are even overlooked. Some workers think that work clothes and shoes and hats are just for uniforms or welfare units, and some personal protective equipment does not meet the needs of modern production. This leads to personal protective equipment, including labor protection shoes No attention to boots. The company is located in:

It has been learned that, for a long time, the personal protective equipment industry has been under-invested and developed slowly compared with other high-tech industries and developed industries. Some of the major high-tech companies, high standards of products have been exported. To give an example, Sunflower International Group (China) Co., Ltd., which entered the field of personal protection in 2000 and maintained its first national export record of PVC industrial boots for five years in a row, has been mostly exported to Europe. The relevant responsible person said that they are not reluctant to sell in the domestic market, but limited to domestic enterprises in the labor protection equipment less investment, the relevant state laws and regulations, the provisions of the implementation is not enough, the industry standard lags behind. The company is located in:

And Cheng Jun also said that restricting China's development of protective footwear is a problem of shoe costs. On the current background, the price of affordable protective footwear companies still exist at a relatively low level, and low prices will determine the cost of the product, resulting in cheap labor protection shoes can not pass the quality of . The new standard needs to be formulated

In fact, China has gradually ceased its pace of moving closer to EU standards and ISO standards in respect of individual protective equipment. However, with the progress of the society, people are demanding more and more varieties and higher quality of personal protective equipment. This has made the development of individual protective equipment products Provide space, but also set higher standards for its requirements. The company is located in:

As early as 1988, the former National Labor Protection Products Standardization Technical Committee conducted a study on the standard system of labor protection articles. Due to several changes in the organization, labor protection standards did not meet the expected goals. With China's accession to the WTO, changes in ISO standards, as well as the current needs of work safety, the personal protective equipment standards put forward new requirements.

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