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Give me one minute to keep you informed about toe shoes

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Give me one minute to keep you informed about toe shoes

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Toe shoe

Foot protection toe shoes is a kind of safety shoes on the role of the foot, there are many different types, such as protecting the toes, anti-piercing, insulation, acid and so on. The choice of protection of toe shoes should be based on the different working environment for the right choice, you can not blindly choose not to protect their own toe shoes, so for the protection of toe shoes, we must be clear the specific functions, the only way we can choose to fit Protect your own toe shoes.

Shandong Mengjit International Trade Co., Ltd. as a specialized manufacturer of labor protection industry, since the company set up factories in 1961, the company in foot protection research and development and production continue to invest capital and manpower, the company's production of foot protection Toe shoes feature many fashionable and popular consumer favorite. Next, Xiaobian tell you about the specific function of Mengji toe shoes:

A: Anti-smashing function:

In the protection of toe shoes inside the front of the steel head, pressure resistance and impact resistance, falling objects hurt the foot, can play a protective toe function. Impact: 200J, Impact energy impact, the toe gap (255 #) is greater than 14mm. (Not the same according to different shoe size). Withstand pressure: Under the pressure of 15KN, the minimum distance between the protection Baotou is greater than 14mm. (According to different shoe size is not the same value).

Second: anti-piercing function:

In the protection of toe shoes above the steel plate into the place, to prevent all kinds of sharp objects piercing the soles of the shoe for the protection of the feet to protect the feet from sharp stab wounds, the minimum withstand 1100N puncture force, the national premium standard .

Three: oil function:

Protect toe shoes soles and vamps with anti-grease material, will not be dissolved by oil, has excellent repulsion of grease, and non-slip grease on the ground, with this function toe shoes have high-quality oil-resistant soles, and soles With high permeability, its oil resistance stronger.

Four: acid and alkali function:

Such protection toe shoes with acid and alkali resistance, acid, alkali, corrosive working environment for the protection of the foot, to prevent acid-base chemicals damage. The functional test standard is the test piece in the national standard concentration of 6.0mol / L sulfuric acid and 6.1mol / L sodium hydroxide solution, fully immersed for 72 hours.

Five: Insulation function:

The protector toe shoe is suitable for the environment with more current and isolates the current from passing through the contact point through the human body to prevent the human body from electrifying. The standard GB12011-2009 is implemented. Under the experimental voltage of 6KV, the leakage current is less than or equal to 1.8mA and the breakdown time is 1min.

Six: high temperature function:

Foot protection toe shoes with high temperature soles and help the surface to protect the feet in high temperature work environment such as molten metal sparks, burned by high temperature from injury. Protected toe shoes with this function have high-quality high-temperature soles that can withstand 150 ° C and protect your feet from heat damage.

Seven: Anti-static function:

Use of anti-static and conductive soles to protect toe shoes worn in flammable and explosive environments to reduce and eliminate electrostatic hazards. Implementation of the standard GB21148-2007, resistance 100kMΩ-1000MΩ, to remove static electricity to prevent human body 250V the following power clicks.

Eight: non-slip function:

The use of rubber outsole or double-density wear-resistant polyurethane injection at the end of a good anti-skid performance, and has good wear resistance toe shoes. This feature protects toe shoes with rubber outsole or double density wear-resistant polyurethane injection outsole with excellent anti-skid performance.

In addition, as a regular manufacturer specializing in the 60-year labor insurance industry, Mengjit protects toe shoes by providing professional customization service, that is, tailor-made toe shoes support functions for special functions, which not only make it more convenient for customers to provide them with higher quality Service, but also comprehensive protection of toe shoes on the worker's foot protection implemented in each industry.

Today's Meng Ji to protect the toe shoes, products have been exported to many countries, such as the United States, Peru, the European Union, etc., Shandong Meng Ji Te International Trade Co., Ltd. has always been to blaze new trails and excellence in business philosophy to produce high-quality safety Protection products to meet the diverse needs of different clients and many years of experience in security and business exchanges and cooperation between the constant, now Meng Ji brand won the recognition and praise of our customers, buy protection toe shoes, then Meng Ji Te Protect toe shoes worth recommending for you!

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