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What to use to protect the toe shoes?

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What to use to protect the toe shoes?

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Toe shoe

Protecting toe shoes is a safety shoe that can provide a protective effect on the feet. It is also used in many workplaces, and its production and manufacture are based on strict standards. At the time of protecting the toes The use of shoes which also have a certain standard, that this standard what?

China's protection of toe shoes divided into several categories: anti-oil, anti-static, anti-smashing, anti-acid and alkali, non-slip, anti-piercing, etc., of which oil toe shoes to protect the site is generally plot Oil or splashed oil, because these oily substances are very slippery, so this shoe is to prevent slipping accident occurred. In addition, there are waterproof and cold protection performance toe shoes, water-resistant shoes is used in the ground water or splash the workplace, and cold-resistant shoes is used in low-temperature work place to prevent the feet Frostbite

Piercing protection Foot toe shoes are mainly used to protect the soles of the feet to prevent the sole is stabbed by a sharp hard object, while the anti-smashing performance of the shoes before the header has impact material, so when there is heavy objects can play A certain cushioning effect, to protect the feet are not injured. In addition to this, there are specialized steel toe protection shoe sites, the function of this shoe is to prevent the foot was burned, stabbed, can withstand a certain temperature, non-flammable.

Protect the choice of toe shoes are based on the hazardous nature of the work environment and the degree of hazard to decide, and this protective product must have the product certification and product manual, before use must be based on the use of jumping into reading Explain the reservoir, to find out the correct method of use, if it is a special protection toe shoes, after use should pay attention to check and be kept clean, should be stored in a dry and non-polluting place.

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