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[Foot to protect the toe] Henan Pixian: Carefully create a "Chinese shoes are" public technology testing

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[Foot to protect the toe] Henan Pixian: Carefully create a "Chinese shoes are" public technology testing

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Toe shoe

【Protecting Toe Shoes】 The quality supervision and inspection center of footwear in Henan Province, constructed by Shexian Bureau of Quality Supervision, elaborated in 18 months and passed the expert group organized by the Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision in January this year Inspection and testing capacity of the acceptance and provincial quality inspection center accreditation, which marks the efforts of Pixian industrial agglomeration endeavor to build "China's footwear production base" relies on technological innovation, entered a standardized stage to guide the new stage of large-scale development.

[Protecting toe shoes] Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision has authorized the footwear quality supervision and inspection center in Henan Province, leather products, textile fabrics, plastic shoes, rubber shoes and other four major categories of 34 product quality indicators for testing, with independent commitment to the provincial Product quality inspection testing qualification. The center of fixed assets investment 2800 million yuan, building inspection and testing building 1800 square meters, the purchase of advanced domestic level of nearly 50 sets of testing equipment (sets), and has a professional, young professional and technical team, with the use of countries Standards, international standards, to carry out product quality testing, technological innovation, quality dispute arbitration, industrial development and guidance innovation-driven comprehensive capabilities. Pixian public technology testing platform to guide the strong construction of "China shoes are" innovation-driven process.

[To protect the toe shoes] Pixian industrial agglomeration to seize the coastal shoe industry to the Midwest, the opportunity to adhere to technological innovation to transform traditional industries, relying on quality win struggling to create "China's shoe-making industry production base," they invested heavily , The introduction of a strong brand of domestic and international market influence Group Corporation, the introduction of cutting-edge technology and a number of professional and technical personnel to enhance the quality of the formation of open up domestic and international markets, the core competitiveness.

【Foot protection toe shoes】 Since 2011, there have been more than 71 shoe-making or shoe-making enterprises of large scale settled in Pixian industrial agglomeration area. At present, there are 80 production lines and the supply capacity of their own shoe materials supporting industries reaches 70% , Has formed an annual output of 5 million pairs of shoes production scale, the main income of 10 billion yuan. In April 2015, the industrial cluster was named "Provincial Express Industrial Cluster Zone" by the provincial government. In May 2015, Yixian registered a series of trademarks of "China Shoes Capital" at the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and invited famous experts from across the country to hold a forum in Yixian County. It clearly proposed to speed up the development goal of "China's shoe manufacturing base." On June 4, 2015, Henan Bureau of Quality Supervision approved the construction of "Henan Province Shoes Quality Supervision and Inspection Center". On December 1, 2015, Henan Bureau of Quality Supervision approved the establishment of "Henan Province Famous Brand Creation Demonstration Zone".

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