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Affect the anti-smashing shoes Baotou protective factors

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Affect the anti-smashing shoes Baotou protective factors

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Smash shoes

The performance of the header can be affected by a variety of other factors. According to the principle of protective space in work, not only the toe cap must have sufficient strength, the sole should also be able to immediately form the necessary support strength under the ruffles of the toe cap under pressure or impact so as to be effectively transferred by the impact force To the ground, without causing the shoe soles above the soles and other parts under stress into the soles.

For this reason, it can be said that the shoe sole support is more effective if the hardness of the shoe sole is relatively greater. Another factor to consider is that the design of the shoe soles should be kept in line with the edge of the toe, and the toe of the toe pattern. This is because the spacing between the soles of the soles does not provide good support, so try to avoid overlapping of the margins of the toe cap and the tread of the sole.

Another may affect the protection of shoes Baotou soles design features, the total thickness of the sole toward the toe direction gradually decreased, which increases the toe degrees. On the contrary, this will affect the protective performance of the toe cap, and the forefoot toe cap leans forward upon impact or impact, thereby leaving the forefoot of the toe cap below the trailing edge of the toe cap.

Because most drop-proof shoe toe caps are designed to transmit impact and pressure through its front shell, its force transfer mechanism does not function effectively if its front shell is depressed below the trailing edge of the toe cap Baotou trailing edge will suffer serious deformation.

There is also a sole part of the characteristics of shoes can also affect the protection of Baotou, which is cut along the width of the sole, vertical and horizontal section to see the longitudinal section of the upper surface. Here concave shoe soles material adds anti-smashing shoes, the middle of the head of the bag gap, so the amount of deformation of the shoe head will be greater damage may occur.

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