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Talk about "health wear shoes", labor protection shoes are the same

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Talk about "health wear shoes", labor protection shoes are the same

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Labor protection shoes

A proper way is "a journey of thousands of miles, starting with a single step," but some people do not care about the choice of shoes. They think that shoes can be worn on the job and do not have to think too much about them. Likewise, labor protection shoes are just as good as others. To choose shoes, shoes that we must keep up with the trend. In fact, wearing shoes on the health of the foot and even the whole body have an impact.

Human feet in the lowest position of the body, it enables people to erect, and bear the weight of the whole body responsible for walking and balance. The foot is composed of 52 bones, 66 joints, 40 muscles and more than 200 ligaments, and is rich in neurovascular connections with the brain and various internal organs through the spinal cord.

As the saying goes: "old people first decline," faltering, walking is a symbol of aging, and vigorous stride is a sign of health and longevity of the elderly. Foot and body health so close, if the shoes do not fit, will not only make the foot feel movement disorders and pain, but also to make the relevant reflex zones under pressure, over time will make the relevant organ blood circulation blocked and lesions .

Labor protection shoes】 elderly: shoes should be soft, with heel

Elderly people like to wear flat shoes, but if the heels of flat shoes are almost flat, the moment of full body weight on the heel of feet, walking more, the impact of the upload may make the elderly ankle, knee, Hip and other parts of the waist pain discomfort, as well as dizziness, headache and so on. Moreover, when wearing flat shoes when the impact of the arch of the bow down, easily caused by improper foot in the moment of fracture.

It is best to wear soft shoes with the heel of the elderly, the height of the heel to the forefoot soles above 2 cm is appropriate. In addition to pay attention to the height of the heel, the elderly soles are slightly larger, there must be non-slip corrugated, so as not to fall.

[Labor protection shoes] Students: should not wear sports shoes all day;

Students wear the most common sneakers, sneakers soles flexible, run to young people, jumping to a certain degree of cushioning, indeed more suitable for young people, but long-term wear may also bring many drawbacks.

It is not advisable to wear sneakers for a long time. Although the combination of shoes shoes shoes, shoes and shoes and other footwear features, but this shoe is designed to warp relatively high, wear easily lead to subsidence of the feet, the soles of the feet before the fulcrum, the foot will inevitably cause fatigue foot injury . Secondly, the soles of the soles of travel shoes are relatively hard, which is designed for people to sit on the ground with good reaction force while walking for a long time. But in everyday life, so hard soles can make your feet tired, which is one of the reasons that damage the foot, and make it flat feet. And, poor breathability of sneakers, easily lead to foot sweating, local temperature increases, easily because of the lack of ventilation caused by fungal reproduction and transmission, the occurrence of athlete's foot and other diseases.

[Labor protection shoes] women: hidden high-heeled pointed shoes hidden

It is understood that now the proportion of women suffering from foot disease is much higher than men, of which women wear high heels is one of the reasons. Heel height of 5-6 cm above the toes to withstand 2/3 of the body weight, while leaning forward, resulting in toe bones, spine suffered considerable load. High heels have changed the pace of a reasonable weight-bearing ratio, and can not reduce the impact of walking, jumping and may also affect the knee, spine, resulting in local bone hyperplasia. In addition, heel too high impact on the body's center of gravity, the poor stability may also be unexpected.

【Labor protection shoes】 pregnant women have attention

For health, during pregnancy, but also according to changes in foot choose the right shoes. Many pregnant women three months after pregnancy, began to swollen below the big toe, after six months the whole foot will appear swollen, like flat feet. Late pregnancy, foot and leg swelling is even more prominent, walked unbalanced. With the increase of body weight, the blood circulation is more sluggish, the feeling of oppression by the foot is more obvious.

Pregnant women to choose loose, lightweight, good permeability of natural materials shoes. Heavy, airtight shoes will aggravate the foot's swelling. Extremity edema of pregnant women, from the sixth month after pregnancy, you should choose a little larger than their own shoes. However, the shoes are not too large, walking is not convenient, should have a good shoe size.

How to choose a pair of suitable shoes

We can refer to the following four aspects: (1) The length of the shoe than the actual length of the foot about 2 cm, because each step, the foot will move forward 0.6 cm. Only such a toe will have enough space. (2) the width of the shoes should be appropriate, standing between the toes will not squeeze each other cause discomfort. (3) The shape of the shoe should be consistent with the foot shape, that is, the front is more relaxed, heel narrow heel shoes. The prevalence of pointed shoes so that the toes compression, so that the Department of human head and face and chest organ reflex blood circulation, resulting in head facial features and neck lesions. (4) The material of the shoes is best leather, it has a soft texture, good ventilation characteristics, so that the feet can be easily bent, sweat can quickly evaporate. Too hard texture shoes will affect the activities of the foot stretching, long-term friction and pressure easily corns, callus and other podiatry.

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