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Impact Analysis of the Main Performances of Protecting Toe Shoes on Sole Stress

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Impact Analysis of the Main Performances of Protecting Toe Shoes on Sole Stress

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Toe shoe

Soles bear the full weight of a person, do fast movement, but also to bear 2-4 times the weight of the pressure, so the sole design must have wear resistance, shock absorption, flexibility, slip resistance, light weight, And other functions, but the protection of toe shoes several main properties of the shoe soles will have varying degrees of impact, how to meet the requirements?

Protecting toe shoes an important physical property is folding endurance, which is also a lot of people in the purchase of priority elements. In accordance with the national standard test folding resistance is in the soles of the metatarsophalangeal incision 5 mm long, to about 4 times per second folding frequency test, so in the design and production of soles, soles bending groove thickness and toughness of the substrate Is the first thing to consider, and secondly, in order to avoid stress concentration, dispersion bending force and extension force, the design should be mainly arc-shaped, in the back of the bending groove to strengthen the way to thicken to 2.0mm above. The company is located in:

Sole forefoot, waist and heel edge inward 10-15mm is the most affected parts, especially the toe and heel wear the most serious. In order to improve the abrasion resistance of the sole, a rubber with good abrasion resistance should be used as the sole, and a wear-resistant rubber patch should be designed on the inside of the toe cap and the outside of the heel. The company is located in:

Emergency stop in the workplace, the rapid change is frequent, in order to avoid accidents caused by accidents, the choice of protective toe shoes should have a high slip resistance, but in the other conditions of the sole under the same circumstances, the wear resistance And slip resistance is inversely proportional, which means that the higher the slip resistance, the worse the wear resistance, which requires a lot of test contrast to find the best combination of wear resistance and slip resistance to Design and production, to find the best balance between wear resistance and slip resistance, can be achieved by considering the design of the sole pattern. The company is located in:

Normal wear shoes, the skin temperature of the foot can reach 34-35 ℃, with intense exercise, the temperature can reach 43-49 ℃, if the soles of the line design is relatively rough and complex, then the friction with the ground will be greater, So the higher the heat, so the design is not only good breathability vamps, soles also have to take into account the waterproof, for example: You can apply a layer of breathable waterproof glue in the transom. The company is located in:

In order to ensure a good upward support, to overcome the scattered power around the feet, the general design of tight shoes with compact type to ensure that the strong support of human foot. The design uses a hard support sheet extending from the heel to the heel, and then insert the midsole or between the outsole and midsole. The company is located in:

When running or walking under weight, the foot should withstand the impact of gravity. If the shoes do not have good shock absorption and can not alleviate the impact, the feet will feel tired and even impact the brain. To reduce the impact, the design can be used in the midsole with a certain elasticity or embedded in the heel after the end of a flexible gasket, and the method can achieve the effect of energy back. The company is located in:

When the foot touches the ground and lifts off the ground and receives an upward momentum and a forward friction force, it will be greatly impacted at the touchdown moment. This impact force may cause the foot to adjust the position of the external oblique laterally so that the musculoskeletal defect Can be fully prepared, easy to cause flat foot sprains and other issues. If the sole is designed as a double-density elastomer, a relatively high-density material can be designed on the inside of the heel of the sole to effectively resist sprain caused by excessive turnover of the foot. In the case of a person with a tall arch, the torsion resistance and fatigue can be enhanced by combining the insole design. The company is located in:

Labor workers consume a great deal of physical energy during exercise, and they are required to minimize the load outside the body weight. This requires the protection of toe shoes with the characteristics of light weight on the basis of ensuring safety. In order to reduce the weight and ensure the wearing safety, in recent years, many domestic manufacturers of toe shoes have used PU foam, EVA, MD and EVA foam as the midsole.

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